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Meet Luna from LeggUP®: Your Personal Career Advisor

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Los Angeles, CA | February 01, 2023 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

LeggUP®, a talent development platform, is proud to announce the launch of Luna, a revolutionary personal career advisor powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Luna is the newest professional development tool that helps people who are looking for jobs and interested in building the skills and aptitudes for developing and advancing their careers. Luna is the ideal companion for managing your career and achieving success.

Luna, created by LeggUP®, the all-in-one talent development platform, offers personalized career guidance, tailored to each individual’s unique aspirations and goals. Luna is powered by science-backed technology, which analyzes the user’s skills, interests, and experience to create a customized career development plan which includes career advice and resources, all based on and specific to the individual’s needs.

By utilizing Luna’s comprehensive resources and personalized support, users can gain a clear understanding of their career, get insights into what career path best suits their goals and get the guidance they need to take their careers to the next level. Luna can help users create an effective résumé, write a cover letter or an action plan with clear steps to follow. In addition, Luna provides users with direct access to LeggUP’s platform with training, coaching and mentoring resources available to further increase their career success.

LeggUP® Co-Founder Tom Finn said: "We’re very excited about Luna because she is the next step in our mission making it easy for everyone to get ahead in their careers. We are committed to helping people develop the skills and confidence they need to be successful in their chosen field. Luna is an important step towards that goal."

Luna is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to develop and advance their career. With Luna, users can take control of their career development and get the help they need to find success.

Luna from LeggUP® is now available on LeggUP’s website. Discover success and take control of your career with Luna today at


Discover success with Luna today at
Discover success with Luna today at

About LeggUP®

At LeggUP® we provide expert advice and guidance on topics such as leadership, mental health, communication, and inclusivity. LeggUP's Talent Insurance® includes one-on-one professional coaching, group coaching, and self-directed learning experiences. LeggUP is the first and only training, coaching and mentoring company to offer turnover insurance— your people stay, or we pay!

For more information, please visit the LeggUP® website at Visit us and join the conversation about Luna, your personal career advisor.


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