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Meet Xtrades, The Platform That Has Paid its Traders Almost $2.5 Million in Four Years

News release by Xtrades

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By Austin DeNoce, Benzinga

Join the Xtrades community to elevate your trading experience with advanced analytics and interactive tools.
Join the Xtrades community to elevate your trading experience with advanced analytics and interactive tools.

Finding success in the financial markets is a challenge requiring investors to continually adapt. Traders must stay abreast of market shifts, get educated on fundamentals and technical analysis and have the proper tools for efficient asset management. In addition to that, while learning best practices, they have to avoid fraudsters portraying themselves as successful advisors online – those selling dubious courses full of subjective knowledge. It can sometimes feel like the blind are leading the blind.

The financial markets can feel lacking in other, less obvious ways, such as interactive experiences through real-time digital trading amongst friends or within a broader trading community. There's also a notable absence of incentives for non-professionals with financial skills or technical tools to share insights that could benefit an online trading community. It’s these challenges that the online platform Xtrades works to resolve.

An Overview of Xtrades

Xtrades is a community-powered trading platform for stocks and options, with a sister service devoted to cryptocurrencies, offering resources such as training videos, daily audio feeds, live trading strategies and detailed analytics through its Discord-integrated application. It features strict price validation for trading signals, emphasizing transparency through stats and track records. Using that data, which includes trading alerts from hundreds of users, Xtrades provides opportunities for users to compete, learn and earn through leaderboards. The platform emphasizes transparency and utilizes advanced features like a Machine Learning Algorithm to enhance the trading experience. Xtrades also allows users to monetize their trading expertise within its community with a ranked-user structure, providing a clear incentive for experts to share their wisdom with up-and-coming traders while working on improving their track record and ranking.

How Xtrades Solves Market Challenges

Aside from those features, the Xtrades platform tackles key issues plaguing traders and financial markets. To address fraud risks, the platform employs a strict price validation system for signaling. This system ensures that trading signals are executed only if the price is at or near the current market value, using real-time market feeds for precise pricing validation. This feature enables users to receive alerts that accurately reflect market prices to help them make timely and informed trading decisions.

Additionally, Xtrades leverages mathematics and technology to constantly refine and enhance gamification and competition within the platform. This approach makes trading more engaging and rewarding while supporting traders in their journey toward self-sufficiency. Another standout feature is Xtrades' Machine Learning Model, which analyzes vast amounts of trade signals shared on the platform. This model identifies mathematically advantageous trades from a large sample, focusing on high-quality setups. This approach of filtering for the best trade ideas, coupled with the growing user base, exemplifies the application of Metcalfe's Law, where the platform's value exponentially increases with more active users.

The Xtrades mobile app collects data for users and adds a gamification layer to commodities trading. Credit: Xtrades
The Xtrades mobile app collects data for users and adds a gamification layer to commodities trading. Credit: Xtrades

To address the absence of interactive trading communities, Xtrades became one of the first companies to integrate with Discord to offer visual analytics for traders. This integration facilitates efficient data analysis and discussion, making market insights more accessible and improving users' understanding of their own trading patterns and the broader market trends. It has also created a vibrant community of members who have formed relationships that go beyond their trading activity. The company reports that members who've met on the Xtrades Discord have become real-life friends and business partners who have become deeply invested in making the brand and the platform a success.

A Brief History Of Xtrades

Xtrades began as a modest newsletter service. Over a span of three years, the community has expanded from a single individual to 320,000 members on Discord. The platform's mailing list boasts over 500,000 users. In terms of growth metrics, Xtrades reports it has achieved an average year-over-year growth rate of 250 percent since 2019, with 1,200 percent growth recorded between 2019 and 2020. Xtrades generated over $6.5 million in revenue since 2019.

The platform successfully launched Android and iOS applications, attracting over 5,000 active monthly users and distributing over $2.4 million to its traders in the last four years; the platform is committed to rewarding its community members. Xtrades has reached these milestones as a completely bootstrapped company, operating without external investors or outside ownership, allowing a focused and independent approach to its operations and development.

Xtrades also released the first version of CryptoTraders, a platform that’s fully dedicated to cryptocurrency futures traders. That has proved popular with users, and some Xtrades members dedicate their time to both platforms.

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The Future for Xtrades

Xtrades aims to enhance the trading experience through comprehensive onboarding processes and continuous platform development. The focus is on aiding users in finding trading opportunities and improving their trading skills with education to help them achieve financial independence. Xtrades plans to introduce more elements of gamification to its platform. This strategy is intended to encourage user engagement and skill development, with the ongoing potential for users to monetize their expertise through the platform.

Xtrades grew as a response to the growing complexities and challenges within the digital financial markets, with the aim of also making trading more engaging. By offering solutions utilizing accuracy, user engagement and education, Xtrades believes it improves what would otherwise be a lonely, harrowing trading experience for its users. As it continues to develop, the platform will adapt and evolve in line with the needs of the digital trading community.

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