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Megaways Free Spins Many top slot providers feature Megaways variations of their most popular slot games! Check out the best Megaways free spins offers available now!

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When you think of slots, you tend to think about three reels and a small number of recognisable symbols. However, this way of thinking has recently changed with the introduction of Megaways slots.

The difference between regular slots and megaways is that megaways have six reels. Also, the number of symbols on each reel change randomly from one spin to the next, with a maximum of seven symbols per reel. This means that the number of "ways" (paylines) changes with each spin, and you don't have to get the symbols in any particular way; they can simply be adjacent.

Megaways has become very popular within the online casino world; Big Time Gaming has already sold the megaways licence to many other slot developers, such as the minds behind Big Bass Bonanza and Who Wants to be a Millionaire slots.

Check out the best megaways free spins offers below.

List of Best Megaways Free Spins Offers


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Best Sites Offering Megaways Free Spins

 Heart Bingo 

Heart Bingo offers users a fun and secure gambling environment and is a reputable online gambling platform offering players a selection of games to select from and enjoy, including casino games, slot machines, bingo, and more! You can play on well-known games and their Megaways variations and receive an incredible free spins bonus. Free spins are not the only incentive offered; players can also be rewarded with casino bonuses, welcome bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. For any new or updated incentives, frequently check the Heart Bingo website.


Megways slots are popular slot machine variants that can be found on Casumo. Checking out what Casumo's promotion page has to offer as its undoubtedly worthwhile as they provide their players with many excellent offers and bonuses. Casumo has a wide variety of casino, and slot games available for players, enabling them to try out novel and interesting games. Before applying for or claiming any offer, make sure you are completely aware of the requirements by reviewing Casumo T&Cs.

 Amber Spins 

When comparing the greatest online casinos, finding the best bonuses and promos might be challenging. Being a top casino, Amber Spins provides players with excellent incentives and bonuses when they play there. Players can play Megaways slot games on Amber Spins' website with the potential to win excellent bonuses within the game by spinning the right combinations, in addition to a wide selection of casino and slot games.

 888 Casino 

888 Casino gives players a vast selection of casino live, slots, and bingo for new and seasoned players who sign up on its amazing casino and sportsbook site. Most significantly, they provide players with a huge selection of slots and casino games to cater to various interests. Megaways is a great slot machine that can be found at 888 Casino and is quite well-liked by gamers. Additionally, if you play the game and spin the right scatter symbols to win a prize, you may be eligible to receive free spins.


Both new and returning clients can take advantage of a variety of incentives and benefits that Betway offers. Players get the opportunity to try out various game types thanks to the broad selection of casino and slot games available from Betway. In addition to fantastic free spin deals, Brand is home to the hugely popular slot game Megaways. You may register with this casino and start playing Megways straight now. Keep an eye on any changes or variations in promotions on Betway.


How to Claim Megaways Free Spins?

In this day and age, the online casino environment is constantly evolving, especially with megaways slots, as it continues to attract new players. Many casino sites offer megaways slot variations in the UK, and they are available to claim.

To claim megaways free spins, you must sign up and create an account with the casino site that offers megaways variations of slot games; ensure that your account is funded and you can use those funds to play your desired megaways slot game. Sometimes, your chosen casino site will offer welcome bonuses where you can receive free spins on megaways games in exchange for registering an account. However, in some cases, new players can obtain “bonus spins” in exchange for a qualifying deposit to use on predetermined megaways slots.


Megaways Slots Free Play

Selected casino sites offer free play megaways slots which essentially act as a demo mode for your favourite megaways game. For example, players can try and test the game to see whether or not they like it before they make a real money deposit, allowing customers to get a feel for the game and gauge if they want to continue playing before they deposit their hard-earned cash. It acts as a free trial almost.


How to Play Megaways Slots

Megaways variations of slots work the same as regular slots in that when you spin, and there will be symbols that are shown randomly. You need to get three or more symbols that are identical and adjacent to one another when you have spun. There is more detail on how to play megaways in the paragraph below.

Details and RTP

RTP stands for Return To Player and evaluates the average returns the player can expect when playing slots. It is calculated on averages across millions of simulated spins before a specific slot game is given its RTP value.

According to Big Time Gaming (BTG), the average RTP for megaways slots variations is 96.22%. On average, a good RTP is around 96.00%, and megaways slots sit higher than this.

How to Play

The main concept of megaways slot is much the same as regular slot games, as explained above. However, the main twist is that more reels mean more symbols. The first step to playing megaways slots is to spin, and all the reels will randomly show different symbols.

Then, you will need to keep spinning until you can get three or more symbols that match next to each other across the reels. Any symbols that land above, diagonal, or below each other will not generate prizes. The only way to win on a megaways slot is to have the symbols land directly next to one another.

Game Features

One of the perks of megaways slots, as opposed to regular slot games, is that there are more reels. This means there are more symbols to consider, resulting in a higher chance of symbols landing next to each other.

Moreover, if you get three symbols adjacent to each other, it will get you prizes. For example, from left to right across the six symbols, you could have any combination of symbols landing next to each other as long as there is a row of three. So, symbols 1, 2 and 3 or 3, 4 and 5 will generate a prize. The general rule is that three symbols must land in a row to win.


Slots Megaways on Mobile

As technology evolves immensely day by day, people want to be able to play their favourite games on the move without having to worry about taking a laptop with them. Therefore, there is a huge demand for mobile slots, and having megaways slots on mobile is no exception.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of online mobile casino sites that have fantastic megaways slot games that are available. This could be either through a mobile-optimised website accessed via your mobile web browser, or via a dedicated mobile app downloaded from your phone’s app store. The games will still perform the same as on your laptop or computer, the only differences are screen size and portability.


What Slots have Megaways Versions?

Due to the increasing popularity of megaways slots, many games have adopted the megaways game style and created versions of their games dedicated to it. Below is a list of some of the popular slot games that have megaways variations of their games, but don’t be fooled, as there are hundreds of megaways games available at almost every casino site:

  • Big Bass Bonanza Megaways

  • Rainbow Riches Megaways

  • Fishin' Frenzy Megaways

  • Monopoly Megaways

  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to get Megaways Free Spins?

It is easy to get Megaways free spins as long as the online casino site you are in offers megaways free spins then yes they are simple to claim.

The paragraphs above explain how to claim Megaways free spins. Scroll up and check it out to find out how to get your megaways free spins.

How do you play a Megaways slot game?

The theory of playing megaways slot is still the same as playing regular slots the only difference is that there are more reels in megaways slots. You have to get 3 or more symbols in a row next to one another for example on the first reel you get a symbol of a car for instance, in reel two directly right you will have another car symbol, then in reel three right of reel two you will need another car symbol and so on and so forth.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage on Megaways Games?

The most recent calculation was discovered by Big Time Gaming (BTG). They calculated the average RTP of Megaways games which is 96.22%. To have a good RTP it has to be 96.0% or above.

Can I Access Megaways Slots on Mobile?

There are so many online mobile casino site, and the majority of them have megaways slots available. Meaning you can still play all of your favorite megaways slots just on the move.



Overall, megaways free spins are an amazing insite to the evolution of the online casino mechanics. Its availably on a wide variety of online casino sites, and on mobile casinos. Slots are very popular and BIg Time Gaming took note of that and took it on board to make it even better and they did exactly this.

Megaways is a exciting new way to bet, with an RTP that is better than good, megaways is definitely one you should check out. Sign up to one of the casino sites above and go spin your megawasy reels today!


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