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Mercia Asset Management well-funded and seeing "growing opportunities to deploy capital"

Mercia Asset Management PLC
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Mercia Asset Management PLC (AIM:MERC) CEO Dr Mark Payton speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the specialist asset manager announced it has successfully disposed of its largest direct investment nDreams, a virtual reality studio specialising in developing and publishing VR games, in a profitable sale to diversified video gaming investment group Aonic.

Dr Payton starts by giving a brief overview of the business, highlighting Mercia's primary focus on venture capital, which accounts for about half of its capital deployment. Mercia operate across the UK with 11 offices, supporting entrepreneurs and startups.

He goes on to explain the background to the disposal of nDreams, noting that the transaction has allowed Mercia to realise a substantial return on its investment. Dr Payton emphasises Mercia's ongoing commitment to the growth of the UK's entrepreneurial ecosystem and their strong belief in the potential of their portfolio companies.


Despite challenging economic conditions, Mercia remains active in identifying and seizing investment opportunities, with a focus on long-term growth and support for serial entrepreneurs. The interview concluded on a positive note, highlighting Mercia's role as a supportive investor in the UK's startup landscape, poised to continue backing ambitious entrepreneurs in their journey toward success.


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