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Meta Masters Guild Presale Races Past $1 million with Crypto Gaming Project to See Stage 3 Price Increase

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Exciting new crypto gaming project Meta Masters Guild has now raised more than $1 million in just 12 days since its presale was launched.

Such is the interest in MEMAG tokens that the planned stage 3 increase will happen six days ahead of schedule after being triggered by the number of purchases.

While MEMAG were priced at $0.010 in stage 2, they will increase by 30% to $0.013 in stage 3.

In fact, by the seventh and final stage of the presale, MEMAG will cost $0.023 - meaning those who invest in stage 3 can still see returns of at least 77% before the token is listed on exchanges.

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Play-and-Earn Not Play-to-Earn for Long Term Growth

Meta Masters Guild is promising to be a crypto gaming platform with several significant differences from those that have come before it.

Despite the vast potential of GameFi, few P2E projects have been truly successful over a long period for a variety of reasons, including boring games where players lost interest, too much emphasis on grinding for rewards over gameplay and poor rewards mechanics.

MMG is developing the world’s first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform and will avoid those pitfalls by producing games that have a ‘focus on fun’ over tokenization - games that are play-and-earn, not play-to-earn - and are enjoyable over the long term.

Mobile games are cheaper, quicker and easier to produce than AAA-rated games and are also much more profitable given that they are more attractive to casual players.

 Newzoo research showed that in 2022, mobile gaming ($92.2 billion) was worth more than console ($51 billion) and PC ($38 billion) gaming combined and will likely be worth at least $103 billion by 2023.

Furthermore, MEMAG tokens will not be used for rewards in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, thus removing the consistent selling pressure that other P2E tokens have faced.

Gems, a second token that exists off-chain, will be used for rewards on the platform and is eanred when unlocking achievements or completing activities. It can also be used to purchase and trade all in-game assets - which are fully ownable as NFTs - and be converted back to MEMAG.

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Meta Kart Racers Aiming for Top Spot

Meta Kart Racers is one of three games currently in development in the MMG ecosystem with the developers aiming for it to be the most-played crypto game of the year.

The game sees players purchase and upgrade drivers and karts and race against others in player-vs-player battles for the chance to win Gem rewards and take home the Meta Kart Championship.

Meta Kart Racers also has a single-player mode where players can earn rare NFTs to use in other game modes.

The NFT assets, such as karts and drivers, are usable in the game and totally owned by the players, as well as being rendered in full 3D.

Data from Statista also shows that racing games are one of the fastest-growing and most popular sectors of the mobile gaming industry.

Meta Kart Racers is already in advanced stages of its development and has been produced by Gamearound, which recently developed a game for billion-dollar fashion retailer Boohoo.

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Meta Masters World and Raid NFT

Two more games are currently in the early stages of their development on the Meta Masters Guild platform.

Gamearound is also producing another game, Meta Masters World, a metaverse currently at the concept stage.

It is an open-world game with little structure with players having few limitations on what they can do - players are free to explore, collect resources and complete missions, as well as interact with other players.

Raid NFT is a turn-based fantasy fighting game that sees players choose a warrior class and battles others in hostile environments - it too has both PVP and solo modes.

Meta Masters Guild is also developing a bustling central marketplace where players can buy, sell and exchange their in-game NFT assets and will also invite other developers and indie games studios to join their ecosystem.

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How to Buy MEMAG

As mentioned above, the MEMAG token presale is now heading into stage 3.

To purchase tokens, buyers must have a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, which can be purchased with either ETH or USDT.

WIth ETH or USDT in the wallet, simply head to the MMG website, connect, and follow the instructions on screen to complete the purchase of MEMAG.

Meta Masters Guild has been developed by a doxxed team that have been KYC verified by CoinSniper, while the MEMAG token has been audited by SolidProof.

Of the 1 billion token supply, 35% has been allocated to the presale and another 15% for liquidity and exchanges - there is no vesting period on these tokens and a hard cap of $4.97 million.

The remaining supply has been divided between the ecosystem (15%), the marketplace (15%), the company reserve (10%) and the team (10%) - these tokens are vested for between 36 and 48 months.

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