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Metropoly Presale Flies Past $800,000 in Fundraising as Investors Scramble for Last Chance Opportunity

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The Metropoly presale continues to fly after surpassing the $800,000 level of funding this week. The late influx of investment came moments after the team announced an expected launch date for the platform, causing investors to scramble for their last chance opportunities to get invested in the native token - $METRO - before the presale closes.

Investors are rushing to the presale as they believe the real-estate-based NFT marketplace has the potential to change the dynamics of real estate investing in the future.

Metropoly Presale Surges Past $800,000

After sitting at just $600,000 last week, a late influx of investors has caused the fundraising for the Metropoly presale to surge well beyond the $800,000 this week. The wave of latecomers resulted from the Metropoly team announcing the official launch date for the real estate NFT marketplace, causing investors to scramble to invest in METRO at the current presale prices.

In total, over 1950 investors have made at least a minimum investment of $100 in $METRO, the native token that will fuel the entire ecosystem. In addition, the recent influx of latecomers shows that the interest in the real estate NFT marketplace is still relatively high. As a result, we could expect the presale to surge beyond the $1 million handle before the presale is over.

Why the Large Interest in $METRO?

Metropoly's presale is of high interest to investors because they believe that the utility for the token has scope to grow alongside the world’s first NFT marketplace filled with real-world properties - all generating a passive income for holders.

Most investors believe that the real estate sector is wide open in the crypto space, and Metropoly can fill the gap in the market.

The entire idea of Metropoly is to make real estate investment as accessible to as many people as possible. Previous real estate crypto projects, such as Propy or LA Token, are far too similar to traditional real estate investment - requiring investors to put down large sums of money and fill out mountains of paperwork.

Metropoly is a little different in this regard. Instead of forcing its investors to purchase an entire property, they have the option to purchase into a fractional ownership model of a property by buying NFTs. Each property in the Metropoly portfolio is broken down into little investment pieces of $100 each, which are then tokenized in the form of an NFT.

Purchasing the NFT grants the holder all of the ownership rights you would get when investing in real estate without going through banks, taking out invasive credit checks, or filling out tedious paperwork. In addition, all NFT holders can capitalize on any capital appreciation at the property by selling their NFTs on the marketplace at any time.

Furthermore, all NFTs holders are entitled to their share of rental cash flow, which is an entirely passive income.

Metropoly Makes Passive Income Possible

Rental yield has historically been one of the safest methods of earning a stable cash flow. The world’s richest 1% used real estate to grow their fortunes, and the rental yield helped them generate a cash flow on their assets.

The cash flow for holders on Metropoly NFTs is entirely passive because the Metropoly team manages all of the property maintenance for real estate in its portfolio. This means they ensure that the property is taken care of and that a tenant pays rent each month.

NFT holders simply have to hold the NFT in their wallets to earn their share of the rental yield, distributed to them in the form of a stablecoin each month.

Latecomers Be Warned: Last Opportunity Quickly Approaching

The METRO presale is approaching its last stages, meaning your opportunity to invest is increasingly growing thin. The current presale is stage 9, which sells the token for a price of $0.0625. The ninth stage of the presale is scheduled to end on March 21st at 4 PM UTC. Following that, the price will increase in the next stage.

The Metropoly team recently announced that the launch date for the Metropoly Marketplace is scheduled for May 1st, 2023. With the release of the platform known, we can definitely expect a late influx of investors in the final few weeks leading up to the launch.

There is a minimum $100 investment for the METRO token presale, and investors can purchase the token using ETH, BNB, or USDT. The token has been audited by CertiK, one of the leading auditing firms in crypto, and has no taxes for transactions. The token will be the utility token for the entire Metropoly ecosystem and will be used as a payment and reward method on the platform.

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