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Mike Bako’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts That Will Become Year-Round Favorites Father of Two and Digital Journalist, Mike Bako, Shares His Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father of Two and Digital Journalist, Mike Bako, Shares His Father’s Day Gift Guide

Thinking about what to get dad for Father’s Day? Wondering what to get for the guy who has everything? Looking to avoid cliched gifts like ties and coffee mugs?

You’re not alone.

Mike Bako, the Modern Man, Trends Editor of Daily National, father of two beautiful boys, has some ideas that can help.

With Father’s Day around the corner, many of us are scrambling to figure out the perfect gift for dad, without resorting to old standbys. This year, it’s time to get creative, and find something Dad will actually use and enjoy.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual consumer survey spending on gifts for Father’s Day is expected to total $20 billion. That comes out to around $170 on average that people will spend honoring dad.

Spending patterns also reflect the sentimental nature of the holiday as consumers are prioritizing unique and meaningful gifts.

That means everyone will be looking for ways to manage and save their money, discover deals, and most importantly…shop smart.

Gift ideas that can help dad around the house:

This time of year, so many of us are prepping the outside of our homes and backyards for the warm summer months ahead. BBQ cleaned off, pool uncovered, grass mowed, but what about inside our homes and what about when the inevitable, unwanted, and pesky insects pay a visit.

If you find yourself in that situation or the dad in your life does, there is a great product from Zevo that can help and makes a great gift.

The Zevo Flying Insect Trap eliminates flying insects without spraying chemical insecticides. Just plug it into any wall socket to activate an irresistible blue light to continuously attract and trap insects over time into a powerful adhesive backing you never have to touch!

The trap has no chemical insecticides, no odors, and no messes, so you can confidently and discreetly use it in any room.

Traps conveniently work day and night to help protect your family from pesky flying insects.

For information: https://zevoinsect.com/flying-insect-trap-starter-kit-model-3/

How to shop smart:

If you want to be smart with your spending, you want to buy things that the dad in your life will use.

For the dad that likes to entertain and grill in the backyard, road trip, tailgate, camp or go fishing, the Magellan Outdoors Pro Explore Leakproof Square 12 Can Cooler is sure to keep his beverages ice-cold the entire day.

 Magellan Outdoors Pro Explore Leakproof Square 12 Can Cooler

For the dads on the go there is a great option from Duluth Trading Company. Its their Buck Naked Boxers. No pinch. No stink. No Sweat! Almost feels as if you are wearing no underwear at all! They’re stretchy, yet supportive too, for extra ease when you’re climbing or kneeling. They also wick sweat for efficiently than any cotton skivvies out there to keep you drier. Plus, they’re treated to fight order.

 Men’s Buck Naked Boxers

The best part about gifting either of these items and if you do want to be smart with your spending is that you can get them on Ibotta.

Ibotta is a leading free cash back rewards platform and they offer cash back rewards on purchases from more than 2,700+ leading brands and retail partners.

There have been more than 40 million downloads to date making it one of the most frequently used shopping platforms in the U.S.

To date, Ibotta shoppers have redeemed more than $1.1 billion in cash back rewards

For more information, visit dailynational.com

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Mike Bako is a broadcast and digital journalist. Reuters, FOX News, Fox Business, WPIX in New York, and ESPN Radio all frequently rely on Mike’s insights on new trends, current events, sports, and culture. He currently serves as editor of the lifestyle and news website Daily National. Mike is also a father to two beautiful boys, Henry and Evan.




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