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Mirriad and Tecate Beer Partner to Enhance In-Content Advertising Study finds 76% of consumers say the campaign made the brand more appealing

News release by Mirriad

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Mirriad, a leading in-content advertising company who place brands into video using Academy Award Winning technology, released a new study outlining success from a January 2021 partnership with Mexican beer brand, Tecate. Research found that overall, 76% of consumers said the campaign made Tecate more appealing to them.

The beverage brand turned to a new model to embed their brand into content and expand their marketing into music videos, relying on Mirriad’s newly launched Music Alliance—a specialist division dedicated to growing creative and financial opportunities for artists by placing brands into visual music content. As marketers look to engage audiences in an era of ad avoidance, the Alliance allows them to weave their brand imagery into artists’ music videos and connect with fans in an authentic way.

Mirriad’s pioneering, patented AI technology scans content for its emotional register moment by moment thus allowing brands to appear in exactly the right place at the right time - and critically with the right audience. This bespoke technology allows for advanced targeting that authentically connects brands with customers at scale – a huge leap forward for the advertising industry.

Using Mirriad’s technology, Tecate seamlessly embedded brand signage and product throughout Regional Mexican artist Giovanny Ayala’s hugely anticipated release, ‘Pa' Que No Te Anden Contando’ distributed by music label Gerencia 360. Research conducted by Kantar demonstrates the strength of the product and signage embeds in driving key brand KPI’s, including:

  • Top of mind Awareness of Tecate was lifted by +27ppt as was any unaided awareness

  • Awareness of Tecate advertising rose +43ppt

  • The campaign increased affinity to Tecate by +8ppt and drove a +7ppt increase in Purchase intent

Even further, consumers had very positive views of this advertising approach:

  • 89% of regular Tecate consumers liked the format

  • 85% said it was a natural fit to the content

  • 80% said that it was not distracting

Tecate wanted to highlight both their product and signage to promote their tagline, “Mexico is in us,” within Regional Mexican music, a genre popular amongst their Mexican American customers. Mirriad’s close partnerships across major labels and independently owned Hispanic labels meant that Tecate were presented with over a dozen Regional Mexican videos set to release within their campaign window. Once the video was chosen, Mirriad was able to execute this initiative within hours of the scheduled release, which is completely unprecedented.

“We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Mirriad, tapping this cutting-edge technology to create relevant engagement between Tecate and Mexican music and culture,” says Oscar Martinez, Tecate USA Sr. Brand Director. “Our largely Mexican American consumer base embodies a maverick spirit, and the integration of this content into Giovany’s music video was a win-win for everyone.”

“Coming out of the social movements of 2020, and only going stronger in 2021, it’s refreshing to see more companies leaning into multicultural consumers by allocating large advertising budgets to diverse content that resonate with these communities. Mirriad not only gives brands access into multicultural content, but also works to ensure brands are woven into the right contextual moments, in a way that feels authentic to the viewer,” says VP of Brand Partnerships at Mirriad, Maria Teresa Hernandez.

“We’re really excited to see this latest research that supports what we’ve known for a long time around Mexican American consumers and their purchasing power. We look forward to continued work with other brand partners and Mirriad using this creative and innovative technology to reach audiences,” says Luis Del Villar, CEO of Gerencia360. “Giovanna Ayala is a Tecate fan and honored to have the brand support his artistry.”

“Tecate empowering Regional Mexican artists is a great example of an authentic partnership of brand and genre that will only strengthen the relationship with their loyal audiences,” adds Hernandez.

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