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MTL Cannabis road to success is based on flower first philosophy

News release by MTL Cannabis

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MTL Cannabis CEO Mike Perron joined Steve Darling from Proactive to to discuss the ethos and operations of their family-founded company, which places a high value on the quality and potential of the cannabis plant.

The company's focus is primarily on flower-based products, including dry flower and pre-rolls. However, Perron notes that they are also venturing into hash production, leveraging their in-house knowledge and capabilities to broaden their product portfolio.

Perron highlighted to Proactive the significant growth MTL Cannabis has experienced, attributing it to organic business development strategies. Remarkably, until January last year, the company's sales efforts were spearheaded by a single, highly dedicated sales representative.

This individual not only worked with provincial boards but also took personal initiatives to promote the brand to dispensaries and budtenders during weekends.

Furthermore, Perron provided insights into MTL Cannabis’s agreement with Canada House Wellness Group, a company deeply rooted in clinics and medical cannabis, originally established by veterans for veterans. The veteran community constitutes a crucial segment of their business, accounting for about 96% of their medical cannabis sales.

Canada House operates 12 clinics across the country, including virtual ones, with a strategic presence near military bases to best serve the veteran population.


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