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MultiversalME Studios Announce Steam Early Access of Intergalactic Multiplayer Action Arcade Space Battle Royale

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MultiversalME studio announces the Steam Early Access release of the intergalactic multiplayer action arcade Space Battle Royale. The top space aces will have a chance to bring havoc to their enemies in the launch tournament November 16th for a chance at $1500 in prizes.

To celebrate the Space Battle Royale reveal the developers prepared a special Early Access trailer:

The Early Access version features deathmatch and team deathmatch modes for up to 24 players with two types of ships and five types of weapons. Battle royale, weapon upgrades, and other ship types (like the mysterious orb and AI controlled drones) will be rolled out in the coming months.

Space Battle Royale Steam page:

tap into your inner engineer in the hangar. Upgrade your ships, power up the drones, and even customize the pilots themselves. Everything to build the ultimate fighting machine — and dominate the arena.

The game is a product of a unique combination of hardcore FPS gamers, artificial intelligence experts, and physicists that are gradually rolling out a unique set of technology enhancements to Unreal Engine to handle spatial audio, neural radiance fields, and destructible environments.

The Space Battle Royal Features Include:

  • Survival of the fittest. Master five weapon types, AI drones, and a complex system of upgrades to defeat your opponents.
  • Everyone can be a pilot. Zero-G navigation and shooting mechanics are finely tuned to be approachable for beginners and rewarding for advanced players. It’s easy to start flying but it can take a lifetime to master.
  • The future of space tourism. Explore and master multiverse portals as you travel between different dimensions and collect alien artifacts. NOTE: The safety of space tourists is absolutely not guaranteed.

About Space Battle Royale

Calling all space pilots! It’s time to dominate the galactic arena. Fight your way to the final showdown inside the mysterious Cube, unleashing havoc and leaving behind only the debris of your rivals. Oh, you're the one left among the wreckage? Upgrade your attributes and modify the ship – and get back into the carnage!

Pilot a space fighter ship in a unique galactic battleground, utilizing five distinct weapon types and a swarm of AI combat drones. For more info: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Discord 



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