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Murchison Minerals announces the beginning of geophysical work at BMK’s Stockwork target

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Murchison Minerals VP of Exploration John Shmyr joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share the start of an extensive geophysical survey at the company's BMK Project in Saskatchewan.

This initiative marks the start of Fixed Loop Transient Electromagnetic and Borehole Electromagnetic Surveys, techniques which are instrumental in mapping sub-surface mineral deposits.

Shmyr explained to Proactive that the primary aim of conducting these sophisticated surveys is to accumulate high-resolution geophysical data. This data is crucial for the identification of a copper-rich stockwork zone and for discovering new lenses of sulphide mineralization within the BMK Deposit.

The insights gleaned from these surveys will be pivotal in fine-tuning the CST target area. This preparation is key as it sets the stage for a diamond drilling program planned for the winter of 2024.

The CST target, which is an area of interest due to its promising conductive properties and its proximity—merely 400 meters south—to the BMK Deposit, mirrors the deposit in size and conductive strength. Notably, this target has not been subjected to drilling before, positioning it as a compelling new frontier for exploration within Murchison Minerals' portfolio.

The anticipated drilling endeavors aim to delve into this unexplored territory, potentially unlocking new resources and contributing to the company's growth in the sector.


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