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MustGrow Biologics Secures Distribution Agreement for TerraSante in Oregon and Washington State

News release by MustGrow Biologics Corp

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MustGrow Biologics Chief Executive Officer Corey Giasson joined Steve Darling from Proactive to reveal the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with G.S. Long for the distribution of MustGrow's TerraSante biofertility product in Oregon and Washington State. TerraSante, certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program, is designed to enhance soil microbiome health, improve nutrient and water use efficiencies, and boost plant yields.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in MustGrow's commercialization strategy, leveraging the expertise and extensive network of G.S. Long to develop and market MustGrow's soil amendment and biofertility technologies, including TerraSante, in the region.

G.S. Long Company, a trusted family-owned and operated agricultural chemical and fertilizer retailer headquartered in Central Washington, boasts additional branches across both Washington and Oregon State. With a legacy of generational grower relationships and a team of over 40 state-licensed Crop Advisors, G.S. Long offers comprehensive consulting services to farming customers, covering conventional, IPM, and organic farming practices, pest and disease management, soil and crop nutrition, and regulatory compliance.

The agricultural sector in Oregon and Washington State holds significant economic importance, with Oregon recording $5.0 billion USD in agriculture production in 2021 alone, contributing $2.6 billion USD in agriculture exports. Agriculture plays a vital role in the economies of both states, generating substantial gross product and employment opportunities.

Through this exclusive distribution partnership, MustGrow Biologics and G.S. Long aim to revolutionize soil fertility and crop production practices in the region, driving sustainable agriculture and economic growth while meeting the evolving needs of farmers and consumers alike.


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