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Nano One Materials Corp Forms Alliance with Worley Chemetics for Cathode Active Material Production

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Nano One Materials Corp COO Alex Holmes joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announced the company's partnership with Worley Chemetics through a Strategic Alliance Agreement and a License Agreement. The collaboration aims to jointly develop, market, and license a process engineering design package for the deployment of cathode active material (CAM) production facilities within the lithium-ion battery materials sector. Worley Chemetics, known for its expertise in technology and solutions for specialty chemicals facilities, will play a crucial role in this venture.

Under the Strategic Alliance Agreement, Nano One and Worley will collaborate to develop a comprehensive CAM package integrating Nano One's proprietary One-Pot process into a modular process engineering design. This package will encompass intellectual property rights, flow sheets, detailed engineering, operational expertise, and specialized equipment fabrication by Worley Chemetics. The License Agreement governs the sale of CAM packages, including cross-licensing of intellectual property, license fees, and remuneration arrangements over a term of up to 20 years.

The joint effort will result in the creation of One-Pot enabled CAM packages marketed to customers globally. These packages will cater to a diverse range of clients in North America, Europe, the Indo-Pacific, and other regions, empowering them to establish competitive CAM production assets. The initiative aligns with the growing demand for renewable energy storage and electric vehicles, positioning Nano One Materials Corp and Worley Chemetics at the forefront of innovation in the lithium-ion battery materials sector.



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