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NanoViricides progressing well with new Covid study

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Proactive research analyst John Savin speaks to Thomas Warner after publishing a research note about the latest Covid trial from development-stage antiviral company NanoViricides (NYSE-A:NNVC).


The ongoing NV-CoV-2 Phase Ia clinical study is a key milestone in the development of Nanoviricides' (NV) novel and innovative anti-virus therapy, NV-CoV-2 uses a sophisticated polymer (NV-387) as the active ingredient to trap and disrupt viruses in the blood.


The polymer is integrated into the product which has now entered a clinical trial in India. With 26 out of 36 non-COVID volunteers completing the single dose stage and 17 advancing to the multi-dose phase, the trial has achieved a significant milestone.


The absence of safety concerns is noteworthy. The trial examines two administration routes: a gummy and a syrup. Crucially, the trial aims to determine blood levels and safety, laying the foundation for potential efficacy.


A subsequent trial will involve 36 mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients. Despite the emergence of new virus strains, NanoViricides remains optimistic, as the env 387 polymer may enhance binding effectiveness. Click the provided link to access John Savin's comprehensive research on this exciting development.


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