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NetScientific: Significant Advancement with Strategic Goals

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NetScientific PLC (AIM:NSCI) CEO Dr Ilian Iliev discusses the substantial progress made in achieving its strategic objectives for 2023, despite facing challenging market conditions.

Iliev told Proactive's Stephen Gunnion the company, a listed deep tech investor, has capitalized on the growing interest in the deep tech sector, including industrial sustainability, AI, and medtech, maintaining the stability and marginal growth of its privately held portfolio's fair value while expanding its businesses and capital under advisory.

NetScientific has focused on generating operating income through corporate finance and value creation services, covering significant portions of its operating costs and achieving sustainability without market placements.

Significant achievements include the growth of its portfolio companies, such as Vortex, which saw a notable increase in valuation. The company now manages 23 portfolio companies, with a diversified fair value composition, reducing the impact of fluctuations in individual companies like PDS Biotechnology on its share price. NetScientific has also made strategic advancements in companies like ProAxsis and Glycotest, transitioning them from subsidiary to portfolio status and focusing on third-party investment for growth.

Looking ahead, Iliev said NetScientific aims to further its fund management strategy, having achieved FCA authorisation, which will enhance its capacity to invest and manage funds, contributing to the company's financial sustainability and growth potential. The company anticipates continuing its growth strategy in 2024, focusing on increasing the value of its stakes in portfolio companies, scaling its strategy through fund management, facilitating effective exits, and strengthening its team for sustainable long-term success.


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