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Neural Therapeutics CEO Ian Campbell discusses potential CSE listing and future plans

Neural Therapeutics Inc.
News release by Neural Therapeutics Inc.

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Neural Therapeutics CEO Ian Campbell discusses the company's conditional approval to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSC) in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

Campbell explained that the CSE listing is a strategic move, enabling broader market participation and capitalisation on its advancements. The company aims to raise $500,000, primarily for research and development efforts and securing intellectual property, including two patents.

Campbell highlighted the growing interest in psychedelic treatments, noting the significant investment in this sector and the 44% rise of the Psychedelic Invest Index this year. He emphasised the mental health crisis and the inadequacy of outdated therapies, positioning psychedelics as a promising and disruptive alternative.

Neural Therapeutics specialises in mescaline extracted from the San Pedro cactus, a substance with a long history of safe use. Campbell noted mescaline's unique properties, such as its longer duration in the body, which supports neuroplasticity and potential treatment for mental illnesses like addiction without causing hallucinations.

The CSE listing is expected to enhance the company's visibility, attract investment, and accelerate drug development.


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