New meme coin launch $ROCKY surges past $20M Market cap in 3 days, defying the market trends | News Direct

New meme coin launch $ROCKY surges past $20M Market cap in 3 days, defying the market trends

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Three days into its existence, $ROCKY, the latest meme coin to hit the Base blockchain, has surged to a remarkable $20.6 million market cap in a predominantly red market. Launched quietly on a Saturday by MetaWin’s founder, Skel, the rise of $ROCKY has achieved growth without the benefit of prior hype or a pre-sale event. Surprisingly, even the internal MetaWin team was unaware of the launch, waking up to the news only as it began trending among users in the Arena Discord.

Skel promptly rallied a task force from MetaWin’s 80-strong team to devise a robust strategy for $ROCKY’s future. Enhancements have been rapid and impactful, with the team securing a partnership with a renowned Hollywood art studio to bolster their social media campaigns, integrating $ROCKY into MetaWin’s platform for token-gated competitions, and leveraging their in-house network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) effectively.

In a bold move on X (formerly Twitter), Skel projected a $100 million market cap for $ROCKY, offering to provide exit liquidity at a $5 million valuation – a commitment that saw the token’s price quadruple within just ten hours.

“The wider market was downtrending, and $ROCKY was initially part of that slump. I dislike seeing our community disheartened. Although I was undecided about throwing our full support behind the project, at MetaWin, when we commit, we go all in,” stated Skel. “Seeing the enthusiasm from our community has solidified $ROCKY as MetaWin’s unofficial meme coin, and we are now unified in the vision of reaching a $100 million market cap.”

This Friday’s prize draw, a staple event on the MetaWin platform, is now valued at $15,000 due to the value of the $ROCKY prizes.

“With the formidable team we have and the unwavering support of the MetaWin community, I believe we can achieve extraordinary things. $ROCKY is now the fastest growing meme coin in the history of the Base chain. While the road ahead is promising, with potential to scale towards the likes of Pepe’s $3 billion market cap, we always remind our community about the high-risk nature of cryptocurrency investments,” Skel added.

The inception of $ROCKY drew its initial spark from an unlikely source – a picture of Skel’s Pomeranian, also named Rocky, perched on a pile of money. This image, processed through ChatGPT’s DALL-E AI image generator, became the inaugural graphic identity for the token across social media and various DEX tools.

In a display of commitment to the coin’s longevity and their community’s trust, the MetaWin team has locked up their token allocation for a minimum of one year, ensuring that they stand firmly alongside their community in this venture.

As $ROCKY’s journey continues, the market watches with anticipation, marking an extraordinary chapter in the annals of cryptocurrency’s vibrant history. With its current trajectory, $ROCKY is not just a token; it’s a testament to what the community can achieve when united behind a visionary leader and an innovative project.

 Users can participate in $ROCKY daily competitions on BASE or with an NFT purchase. 

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