New public relations firm, Bread & Law, launches to help CMOs and CCOs thrive amid a ‘new normal’ | News Direct

New public relations firm, Bread & Law, launches to help CMOs and CCOs thrive amid a ‘new normal’

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, NY | April 29, 2022 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Andrew Graham, a veteran public relations agency executive and the 2021 president of the New York chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, today announced the formation of Bread & Law, a new public relations firm set up to help leading companies and their decision-makers thrive amid a media and business environment increasingly fraught with conflict and tension.

Reporting directly to chief marketing officers and chief communication officers, the firm’s core focus is on understanding and using the best practices to effectively serve clients under any circumstance. The firm is industry-agnostic and launches with clients in the finance and technology fields.

“Business leaders are facing an avalanche of disinformation and propaganda, which are working in tandem to exhaust both the creators and consumers of news. This is why competition for earned attention is so fierce and why there are so many pressures put on modern CMOs and CCOs,” said Graham. “I believe good-faith efforts to communicate openly and honestly with all stakeholders can defeat the amplified toxicity out there, and the purpose of my new firm is to work with leading companies to do just that.”

Beyond that core purpose, the firm will also act as an incubator to test proof-of-concept for new ideas and processes meant to redefine the PR industry’s norms. The first business unit it is incubating in this way is Espresso, a service for thought leadership campaigns with guaranteed results and fixed pricing.

“To cut through all the noise, thought leadership material needs to obey actual news values, and to maintain a viable price point, it needs to lean on technology and proprietary data,” Graham said. “That’s the basic process defined in Espresso. It cuts unpredictability and cost uncertainty completely out of the thought leadership process. Based on the available research and data, ours is the best practice for the creation and dissemination of thought leadership material.”


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 Bread & Law (est. 2022) is a new public relations firm designed to help companies thrive either despite or because of the erosion of trust in institutions and expertise.


Our approach is unique. We work with clients to strategically embrace conflict because it's the dominant news value today. We think and act with realness because so many others in our field don't. And we have absolute expertise in the methods that work in today’s competitive media and business environment because knowing process is what turns good ideas and intentions into outcomes.


We consult directly with heads of communication and marketing, doing whatever is necessary to help them realize their agendas, and we’re building a portfolio of lean agencies that complement that core focus. Follow us on Linkedin or reach out at


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