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New To Crypto? Insider Strategies for Big Wins with Top Starter Coins

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Crypto markets are up. Bitcoin ($BTC) is flying, altcoins post double-digit gains daily, and memecoin traders in the trenches lock in 100xs. How to get a piece of the action? What are the best cryptocurrencies to buy now?

New to crypto? Here are some insider strategies for big wins with top starter coins. Immutable ($IMX) is a classic GameFi play, Cardano ($ADA) provides exposure to the broader layer one trade, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a hybrid exposure play to GameFi and memecoins.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Leveraged Exposure To P2E/ Memecoin Growth

Galaxy Fox is an ideal crypto for beginners, and this nascent presale will be one of 2024’s best launches. Already raising nearly $2 million in funding, it has blasted ahead of its competition, and $GFOX token holders are essentially betting on the future growth of GameFi and memecoins.

This hybrid token takes the classic GameFi play-to-earn model and integrates memecoin elements on top. Galaxy Fox’s addictive runner game pays out prizes to the most skilled players at the end of each season. And its viral aesthetic and token burn constitute the memecoin element of this protocol.

Staking rewards ensure all $GFOX token holders earn, and the protocol’s taxation system sees it adopting a proactive approach to growth via funding marketing efforts and community initiatives. How does $GFOX ownership provide leveraged exposure to the P2E and memecoin sectors?

If investors want generic GameFi exposure they can buy $IMX. If they want memecoin exposure they can buy $DOGE. But purchasing $GFOX, a GameFi/ meme hybrid in its presale grants exposure to both and means way more exposure to gains.

A classic tip: when bullish on a sector, find an early-stage project in that sector. Bullish on GameFi and memecoins? Buy $GFOX today.

Immutable ($IMX): GameFi Tech Stack

Immutable introduces infrastructure for developing on-chain games and is a central player in the GameFi narrative. The purpose behind Immutable’s services is to abstract away the complications of building a Web3 game, and it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for investors bullish on the future of blockchain-based gaming.

It provides APIs and SDKs, guarantees royalties for asset creators, and leverages ZK rollups to deliver top-tier security. Immutable has already released several games, including Gods Unchained, and purchasing $IMX is a classic bet on the growing adoption of Web3 games.

Cardano ($ADA): Return of the Layer 1 Trade

Cardano has made a spectacular comeback in late 2023. Following the Alonzo hardfork, the network gained smart contract capabilities. It took some time, but now Cardano has a thriving DeFi ecosystem complete with liquid staking tokens for $ADA.

The growth of a viable and organic DeFi ecosystem is the best metric for ordaining the future success of any layer one blockchain, and the recent activity on Cardano points to an incredible 2024 for investors who bought the bear market lows.

Cardano is still one of the top ten cryptocurrencies, and with a market cap of over $21 billion, investors cannot expect any truly exciting returns from $ADA.

Closing Thoughts: How to Win Big This Cycle

Investors new to crypto will realize that market caps hold the secret to success. The way to win big this cycle is to buy a token with a small market cap in a growing sector. This is how professional traders make massive returns.

Presales and ICOs in growing market verticals are the best cryptocurrencies to buy, and the Galaxy Fox presale looks to be a classic 100X setup. It has a tiny market cap, a prime location in the GameFi and memecoin narratives, and will launch in bullish conditions in 2024. Participate in the presale today and win big this cycle!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

 Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community 


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