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News Direct Introduces NewsBoost™, a Story Syndication Program that Fast-Tracks Coverage from News Releases Powered by News Direct’s partnership with Broadry, NewsBoost crafts ready-to-read articles to amplify visibility for press announcements

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 News Direct, the state-of-the-art news and content distribution service designed to meet the demands of modern media outreach, today launches NewsBoost, a novel story syndication program powered by its partnership with Broadry, a newsroom that offers content partnership opportunities for online publishers. NewsBoost utilizes Broadry’s team of journalists to quickly turn news releases into publication-ready news articles to be shared across its nationwide network of digital newspapers and websites.

News releases are made to be distributed to newsrooms but they can often fall short at engaging with reporters enough to transform company news into unique coverage. To ensure immediate editorial coverage and wider reach for press announcements, NewsBoost allows News Direct users to:

  • Create awareness of brands, services, and products through customized articles

  • Reach an additional 800,000 to 1,000,000 impressions

  • Receive detailed reporting of article pickup


Similar to News Direct, Broadry harnesses innovative features to stay in tune with the changing landscape of journalism, and through NewsBoost, they’re able to extend their content-creating capabilities to help generate coverage around company announcements. The partnership between the two companies will facilitate even more efficient and modernized news dissemination to meet the needs of businesses and communication professionals.

“PR professionals are under pressure to improve the news distribution process to better generate unique coverage in crowded market spaces,” said Gregg Castano, CEO and founder of News Direct. “Broadry’s innovative approach is key to NewsBoost’s ability to elevate press release distribution and generate content that helps companies promote their brand easily and efficiently.”

NewsBoost also helps brands that may otherwise find difficulty in securing earned media to increase their press coverage. This is done by harnessing Broady’s team of journalists to convert news releases into nationwide digital coverage to better ensure that content is represented in the media.

News Direct is dedicated to identifying synergistic solutions designed to help industry professionals excel in media outreach, and with this goal in mind, their launch of NewsBoost was made in tandem with other purpose-built offerings that enhance the release distribution process. This includes SimpliFi, a new solution that streamlines the process of creating and distributing financial content, and DB Direct, an in-platform global media database. Combining NewsBoost with the company’s recent product updates allows News Direct to go beyond the requirements of a top-tier news distribution service and provide relevant, meaningful solutions to drive value for PR and IR professionals.

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