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News Direct Launches THE NEWS DIRECT PODCAST CHANNEL The launch accentuates the company's continuing evolution as a multi-tiered, diversified content distribution and amplification platform

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 News Direct today announced the launch of The News Direct Podcast Channel, an innovative new product suite that harnesses the growing popularity and messaging impact of podcasts while leveraging the substantial SEO power of the site.

The News Direct Podcast Channel offers two distinct products. The first is News Directly with Steve Hutt, News Direct’s proprietary paid podcast series that provides senior corporate executives and key communications industry figures one-on-one interview opportunities with the program’s host, Steve Hutt.


Hutt is the founder and host of the highly successful eCommerce Fastlane podcast who has also become a thought leader for eCommerce entrepreneurs and DTC marketing professionals.

The second, and equally groundbreaking, service being launched accompanies News Directly on the channel, giving professional podcasters themselves a forum to expand their audiences. News Direct will host the programs of successful podcasting luminaries from a broad spectrum of interest areas alongside its own programming, thereby providing the benefit of’s strong domain authority to help these vehicles attract ever larger numbers of listeners and viewers.

To support this effort, included in the offering will be a news release announcing each upcoming episode as well as a blog post summarizing the highlights of each interview on the site after it has been published.

The company’s inaugural podcasting partners include Angelo Robles, host of Family Office TV, Ellis Martin, host of The Ellis Martin Report and News Direct partner Steve Hutt and his eCommerce Fastlane show.

“The News Direct Podcast Channel is another disruptive concept we’re rolling out to advance the objective of establishing News Direct as a modern, multi-tiered message amplification platform for PR, IR and Marketing professionals”, stated Gregg Castano, founder and CEO of News Direct. “Though beginning life as an ultramodern, tech-centric newswire, we have always envisioned using that technology to become much more. With the numerous advancements of our newswire platform, we’re successfully competing head-on with the entrenched newswire status quo. But now, we can also provide communications pros with a more well-rounded suite of services to facilitate reaching target audiences via a variety of both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ strategies.”

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News Direct is a technology-driven content distribution and amplification platform for PR, IR, corporate communications and marketing professionals. Our automated platform delivers a completely reimagined, modernized user experience for newswire users that has reshaped the industry landscape. Additionally, the company has expanded its offerings to include an array of technology- enhanced message amplification tools ranging from sponsored content to podcasting products, all in one online location.


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