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Nextdoor Helps to Practice “Neighbor Care” for National Random Acts of Kindness Day Meaghan B Murphy and Nextdoor partner on media tour to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in Your Neighborhood

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Kindness is free to give, and we may not realize it, but small gestures matter even more than we may think.

Too many times we forget the impact that simple gestures can make –this is exactly why National Random Acts of Kindness Day is being celebrated – to encourage everyone to spread kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Day is the ‘best kept secret’ of holidays; much like Halloween, it’s an occasion that really comes to life at the neighborhood level. By performing an act of kindness for a neighbor – you’re strengthening bonds in your community, which will pay in dividends down the road.

In fact, a Nextdoor study reveals knowing as few as 6 neighbors will lower feelings of social anxiety and loneliness.

So how can your audience take part, what do they need to know, and where does your state rate on the kindness scale?

Meaghan B Murphy, Nextdoor Ambassador, Lifestyle Expert, mom of 3 conducted a nationwide media tour on February 16th to discuss Random Acts of Kindness Day and how the Nextdoor App can help you connect with your local community.

Topics that Meaghan discussed included:

· What is Random Acts of Kindness Day and how it started

· How anyone can practice “Neighbor Care” for Random Acts of Kindness Day

· How the Nextdoor App helps us connect with our local community

· Where people can find some inspiration, ideas for Random Acts of Kinds Day

To connect with your neighbors on, download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store, or visit

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