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NextEnergy Solar Fund unveils significant solar farm energisations and growth prospects

NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd
News release by NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd

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NextEnergy Capital Investment Director and UK Legal Counsel Stephen Rosser joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with details of NextEnergy Solar Fund's first two international solar co-investments in collaboration with NextPower III ESG (NPIII ESG).

Rosser oversees the daily operations of the NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd (LSE:NESF), a part of the FTSE 250 index, working closely with the CEO, CIO, and the investment committee.

NextEnergy Capital recently announced the energisation of two solar farms in Europe, adding to the NextEnergy Solar Fund's installed capacity, now totalling 979 megawatts (MW). These farms are located in Santarém, Portugal (210MW) and Cadiz, Spain (50MW), marking a significant step in diversifying revenues and enhancing the fund's installed capacity.

The fund owns a 6.21% stake in Next Power III ESG, a private firm focusing on international solar infrastructure, offering diversification and exposure to growth in international solar markets without fees.

Rosser said NextEnergy Solar Fund is poised for further growth, with the impending operation of its largest grid-scale battery in Scotland, anticipated to push its installed capacity over one gigawatt.

This milestone will make it the first specialist solar and storage fund to achieve such a feat.

Despite trading at a discount to its net asset value, he pointed out that the fund offers one of the highest dividend yields in its peer group, supported by a large portfolio of operational assets.


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