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NFT Artist Set to Open a New Art Gallery in Soho

News release by Doctor Troller

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Renowned digital artist Andrew Brown, famously known as Doctor Troller, is thrilled to announce the opening of his innovative art gallery in Soho. The gallery, opened its doors in October and prominently features works from acclaimed artwork collections including The Shifters, Crocs League, and Skull Squad.

Art enthusiasts and followers of Doctor Troller will have the unique opportunity to experience his digital artistry in person while emerging artists are also invited to showcase their work in this avant-garde space. This initiative embodies Doctor Troller’s continuous endeavor to foster a vibrant community of digital art lovers and creators, bridging the virtual and physical realms of artistic expression.


Doctor Troller’s Voyage from Streets to Screens


Doctor Troller has a raw, unfiltered journey that morphed a street troller into a digital art mogul. His growth is a testimony to the boundless realms creativity can venture into when fueled by audacity and a touch of rebellion. His artwork, now celebrated globally, finds its roots in the bustling streets of London.

In May 2021, Andrew Brown's experiment in Soho’s Berwick Street dubbed the ‘Honest Gallery’, saw £4,000 worth of artwork displayed openly, inviting passersby to pay what they wished. By day's end, all pieces were taken with not a penny in the collection box. “It was an experiment in human nature to see if we could expect people to do the right thing and in Soho, it was a dismal failure," remarked Brown.

Despite the setback, the spirit of philanthropy persevered, with the intended charity donation honored. This experience, a blend of audacity and altruism, subtly shaped the ethos of the forthcoming gallery, where inclusivity meets edgy digital artistry.


From Digital Disruption to Artistic Elevation


Forged in the buzzing core of London’s art scene, Andrew "Doctor Troller" Brown’s artistry is a riveting blend of rebellion and innovation. His Chelsea-based endeavors have seen the birth of provocative digital pieces, igniting controversies and sparking debates across both traditional and digital art spheres. His dyslexia, far from a hurdle, propelled him beyond conventional mediums, crafting a narrative that bridges art and body, borne from a "passion of expression through physical action to trigger controversy".

As the art world converges at his Soho gallery, spectators are in for an experience that transcends mere visual appeal, diving into a narrative that’s as edgy as it is evocative. The gallery isn’t just a showcase of Doctor Troller’s celebrated collections - The Shifters, Crocs League, and Skull Squad, but an invitation to emerging artists to be part of a narrative that challenges, disrupts, and evokes.

Doctor Troller’s ascent to a net worth of £200 million GBP in 2021 mirrors the crescendo of digital art’s acclaim, marking him as a vanguard in this realm. His artworks, veiled in satire and bold commentary, found their home in digital marketplaces and even traditional auction houses, echoing the appetite for digital artistry in contemporary circles. Pieces like 'Booty Shot' and 'Lightzilla' aren’t mere digital creations, but audacious dialogues challenging societal norms and igniting discussions on empowerment, identity, and the human experience.

Location: 54 Poland St, London W1F 7NJ, United Kingdom




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