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Nuestro Stories Co-Founder and Brilla Media CEO Angela Sustaita-Ruiz Named to Inicio Ventures’ 100 Rising Latinx Founders to Watch List Annual list showcases inspirational US-based Latinx founders who are making a significant difference and are poised for success

News release by Nuestro Stories

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon MIAMI, FL | May 12, 2022 01:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

  Nuestro Stories Co-Founder and Brilla Media Ventures CEO Angela Sustaita-Ruiz has been named to Inicio Ventures’ 100 Rising Latinx Founders to Watch List.

Spearheaded by Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) in partnership with Inicio Ventures, the 100 Rising Latinx Founders to Watch is an annual publication showcasing the inspirational US-based Latinx founders who through their life stories, leadership, accomplishments, and startup vision are making a significant difference and are poised for success. HIP provides philanthropic resources and investments to Latino entrepreneurs and groups across Hispanic communities in the U.S. and Latin America.

To be included in this list, founders need to identify as Latinx, their startups must be based in the US and they had to have raised less than $1M in capital.

Sustaita-Ruiz was chosen for creating Brilla Media’s flagship Nuestro Stories ( which is a digital media, documentaries and cultural history platform focused on U.S. origins and histories and partnered with the FRIENDS of the Museum of the American Latino.

In a statement announcing this year’s honorees, Inicio Ventures said: “We firmly believe every 100 is a sample of the depth and breadth of the Latinx startup talent pipeline–investable and ready for your support. This year’s Rising 100 Latinx founders can be found across sectors, locations and demographics.”

In tandem with the list, Inicio Ventures and HIP also announced a startup registry in the hopes of eventually identifying every single Latino founder and startup in the U.S. That registry can be accessed here.

Below is a list of the other 2022 honorees:

Aaron Quinonez, QActual, CEO

Alan Macías, Püch, CFO, CMO & Co-Founder

Alberto Estrella, Knowledge to Own, CEO

Alec Santiago, Van Heron Labs, Founder & CEO

Alejandra Perez, IMA Blends, Founder

Alejandro Cherem, Püch, CSO & Co-Founder

Alejandro Fernandez, The Whisper Company, Founder & President

Alex Thaler, iconik, Co-Founder & CEO

Alvania Lopez, PeachBox, Founder & CEO

Ana Alvarez, Vaiven, Co-Founder

Ana Bautista, Brews of Paradise, Founder

Ana Pompa Alarcón, Founders Registry, CEO

Andrea Berrios, CLEO, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Andrea Orrego, Atelier App, Founder & CEO

Andres Bisono Leon, SOS Carbon, Co-Founder & CEO

Angela Edwards, Pyxai, Co-Founder and COO

Antonio Martinez, Negozee, Co-Founder & CEO

Ariel Lopez, Knac, Founder & CEO

Aurora Diaz, The Jefas, Founder & CEO

Beatriz Ayala-Muñiz, Musicasa, Founder & CEO

Benjamín Juárez, Like Minded, Co-Founder & CEO

Brandon Aranda, Atom Industries, Co-Founder

Carla Curiel Castro, Lanugo, Co-Founder & CEO

Carlos F. Gaitan, Benchmark Labs, CEO & Founder

Carlos Noe Saavedra, Arc Street Capital, CEO & Founder

Cesar Mize, SeaQuip, Co-Founder and CEO

Charlene Peña, Woven Royal, CEO & Founder

Cindy Belardo, Sunny, Co-Founder and CEO

Claudia L. Mercado, Calibueno, Founder

Corinne Vargas, SMART Charts, Founder & CEO

Daniel Hernandez, Fonda Technologies, Founder & CEO

Daniela Blanco, Sunthetics, CEO

Dario Anaya, Pupil, Co-Founder

David Zuleta, ModoScript, CEO & Founder

Edward Garcia, Atom Industries, Co-Founder

Egbert Castro, Ascent Bio, Co-Founder

Eric Alvarez, Grapefruit Health, Founder & CEO

Esteban Gorupicz, Atexto, Founder & CEO

Fanny Grande, Avenida Productions, CEO

Francisco Bonilla Kuhlmann, Altrüus, CEO & Founder

Francisco Rojas, ecPunch, Founder & Presideent

George Suarez, Opnbx, CEO

Ian Quetglas, Püch, COO & Co-Founder

Ivan Huerta, Parabeac, CEO

Ivana de Maria, StoryPlace, Founder & CEO

Jacob Rios, JobSage, Co-Founder and CEO

James Silva, ConciergeBot, Founder & CEO

Javier Arguello, COGx, Executive Director

Javier Correa, Beacon, Co-Founder and CEO

Jesenia Morales, Romeo’s Juices, Founder

Jessica Estrada, HUE For Every Man, Founder & CEO

Jesus Torres, Entidad, CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Muniz, Checkhippo, Co-Founder

Jorge Flores, Entidad, CTO & Co-Founder

Jose Espinoza, BookedMD, Founder

Jose Pinero, TechPass, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

José Luis Ramos, Underdog Coaching, Founder

Juan Barrero, Lazo (formerly CFO StartUp), Founder & CEO

Juan Giraldo, Waku, Co-Founder & CEO

Juan Medina, Lalo, Founder

Karla Valdivieso, Shappi, Founder & CEO

Katalina Mayorga, El Camino Travel, Co-Founder & CEO

Katy Honda, Comet Healthcare, Co-Founder and COO

Leslie Valdivia, Vive Cosmetics, Founder & Presideent

Lindsay Martinez, Tourus, Co-Founder and CEO

Liyani Rodriguez, Raddle, Co-Founder and CEO

Luis C. Arellano, MPM Partners, Founder & CEO

Manuela Zoninsein, Kadeya, Founder & CEO

Marcelo Ahmadpour, Advice Analytics, Co-founder & CPO

Maria Luisa Mendiola, MIGA Swimwear, Founder & CEO

Maria Trochimezuk, IOScholarships, Founder & Chief Diversity Officer

Marinella Piñate, Zumma, Co-Founder

Martin Aguinis, Clipjoy, Co-Founder and CEO

Monica Prado, Quentales, Co-Founder

Monica Vespe, Cuál, Founder

Nichole Columna, Piezas Rush, Founder & CEO

Nico Maffey, Vaiven, CEO & Founder

Nicole Cuervo, Springrose, Founder & CEO

Omar Hernandez, ONEBIT INC., Founder & CEO

Orestes Marquetti, InvestLocal, Co-Founder & CEO

Osvaldo Montelongo, Connect Care Hero, Founder & CEO

Patricia Garcia, unithrifts, CEO & Founder

Paula Muller, Sociavi, Founder & CEO

Pauline Roteta, Pasito, Co-Founder and CEO

Ray Ricky Rivera, Norwalk Brew House, Founder

Rene Solozarno, Entidad, COO & Co-Founder

Ricardo Vásquez, Wave Therapeutics, CMO

Romina Roxan Silva Medina, FoodWare, Founder

Scott Hungerford, Atom Industries, Co-Founder

Sergio Torres, Alvva, CEO

Silvia Velasquez Casado, PRAUD, Founder & CEO

Teodoro Gonzalez, ConnectUs, CEO

Tiago Prado, BRZ Insurance, Co-Founder & CEO

Vanessa Alvarez, Nexme, Co-Founder & COO

Vanessa Karel, Greether , Founder & CEO

Vielka Hoy, Bridge to College, Founder & CEO

Vince Vasquez, Relationship Workout, CEO & Founder

Whitney Gonzales McElwain, Daybird, Founder & CEO

Yamillet Payano, Sign-Speak Inc., CEO

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