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Oncimmune "relaunch" already delivering results

Oncimmune Holdings PLC
News release by Oncimmune Holdings PLC

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Oncimmune Holdings PLC (AIM:ONC) CEO Martin Gouldstone speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about what he describes as the relaunch of the business.

Gouldstone discusses the significant changes made to the company's strategy following his appointment in August, saying that his primary focus has been on maximising the commercial and scientific value of the company's Immune Insights platform, centred in their Dortmund labs.

The new strategy, announced on October 12th, aims to expand the platform's capabilities in drug discovery and development and reach different customer verticals, extending from big pharma to smaller biopharma and CRO partnerships. With extensive industry experience dating back to 1990, including roles in major CROs and corporate finance, Gouldstone brings a wealth of expertise to Oncimmune.

Since taking the helm, he has conducted a comprehensive review of the business, covering everything from finances to operations. The outcome has been positive, with a productive team in Germany, established relationships with large pharma, and a growing commercial team.

Gouldstone's short tenure has already seen tangible successes, including the signing of four deals aligned with the new strategy, indicating early commercial traction. He anticipates continued growth and success in line with the company's evolving strategy and robust pipeline.


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