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Ondine Biomedical achieves milestone with NHS trust's adoption of Steriwave

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Ondine Biomedical Inc Vice President of Sales & Marketing Matt Ross joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion after the company sealed its first commercial deal with an NHS trust, starting with the Pontefract and Pinderfields hospitals. This follows a successful 500-patient elective hip and knee surgical quality initiative at Pontefract, leading to its adoption across the two hospitals.

The company aims to develop a business case with York health economics group and Mid Yorkshire for broader NHS adoption, based on the successful outcomes and health economics work.

Ross also highlighted Ondine's commercial momentum, including the deployment of Steriwave in eight new healthcare facilities and a growing international presence, now spanning 22 facilities in Canada and expanding in the UK and Spain.

The success is attributed partly to Steriwave's effectiveness in reducing the need for antibiotics, as demonstrated in a UK study, and its alignment with antimicrobial resistance efforts. Ondine plans to continue expanding in European markets, capitalize on its success in Canada, and explore potential in the United States through FDA phase three trials.



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