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One Media iP Group "very pleased" after "year of consolidation"

One Media iP Group PLC
News release by One Media iP Group PLC

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One Media iP Group (AIM:OMIP) chief executive Michael Infante speaks to Proactive after releasing the company's annual financial report. Infante says he's "very pleased" after a "year of consolidation", and highlights the growing importance of the company's SaaS platform TCAT, which can help reduce the losses incurred by music rights holders in unpaid or fraudulently claimed royalties.

 Here's the story from earlier: 

One Media Digital media saw a 17% year-on-year revenue uplift with underlying earnings (EBITDA) increasing 9% to £1.8mln, according to the music rights and copyright protection company’s 2022 financial results.


Operating profits declined from £1.1mln to £900,000 resulting in an earnings-per-share distribution of 0.2p compared to 0.24p in 2021, partially due to group-level investments into its anti-piracy software subsidiary TCAT.


The group also allocated £1.2mln into new rights of artists including José Carreras, Jo Jo Adams, Irish Tenor Trio and Alexander O'Neal.


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