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Pantheon Resources sitting on "enormous potential" - Proactive Research Analyst

Pantheon Resources PLC
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Proactive research analyst Manos Halicioglu speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after publishing a research note on North Slope of Alaska-focused oil & gas company Pantheon Resources, which has 100% working interest in 153,000 highly prospective acres with potential for multi billion barrels of oil recoverable.

Halicioglu says Pantheon Resources has been making headlines with its Kodiak and Ahpun oil projects, covering an impressive 160,000 acres and boasting an estimated 1.481 billion barrels of recoverable oil. The company's 100% working interest and commitment to sustainable development are key factors in their strategic growth trajectory.

They aim for a market value of $5-10 per barrel by 2028, supported by a substantial $25 billion phased investment. Halicioglu notes an anticipated 337% return, translating to an impressive annual rate of around 34% in the competitive oil and gas sector.

Pantheon's consistent revenue growth and robust asset base, coupled with strategic investments and financial acumen, position them strongly in the $5.3 trillion global oil and gas exploration and production market. However, risks such as liquidity challenges and broader market dynamics like regulatory changes and global economic factors were also discussed.

Despite these concerns, Halicioglu says Pantheon's solid financial performance and market position somewhat mitigate these risks. Key to Halicioglu's valuation is the absolute valuation approach, considering intrinsic value for long-term investment analysis.

This method offers a comprehensive view of Pantheon's worth, considering its assets, market position, and growth prospects, providing a clear picture for potential investors. For more details, Halicioglu's full report is accessible via a link provided in the interview.


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