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Perfect Storm for Innovation By Billy Hult, Chief Executive Officer, Tradeweb

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Sea changes can be hard to spot when you’re living through them. Sure, with the benefit of hindsight, we can revisit Apple’s 2007 prediction that its new iPhone would “reinvent the phone” as a seminal moment in how humans interact with technology. Today we can stream the new movie Air on our iPhones to relive the fateful period in 1984, when an innovative sneaker endorsement deal would revolutionize professional sports. But as they are happening, the gravity of events like these can be overshadowed by the day-to-day work and distraction of doing our jobs.

Those of us working in institutional fixed income, derivatives and ETF markets have had a front-row seat to a number of transformative moments over the last three years. A combination of the global pandemic, near-constant volatility, technological disruption and breakthrough innovation has reprogrammed the way we work, realigned the way we confront new challenges and set us up for a period of truly profound change in how risk is transferred in our markets.

I believe we will see more trading innovation in these markets over the next five years than we’ve experienced during any period since these markets began to go electronic in the late 1990’s. There are many reasons for this, but let’s focus on four broad themes: structural changes to financial markets, electronic trading resilience in turbulent markets, technology and data as multipliers and the evolving role of the trader. While each of these is at a different stage and none is brand new, together they are a catalyst for serious innovation...





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