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Petition Urging Tom Brady's Return a Huge Success After Brady's Initial Retirement

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  • Petition by the Group “Brady in 2022” Gave Tom & Gisele Brady the Only Simple Resolution That Would Allow Brady to Continue Playing While at the Same Time Making Gisele Very Happy
  • Only by reading this emotionally-charged petition can anyone clearly understand the depth of Brady’s decision to return to the NFL with Gisele’s blessing


A petition, posted at on February 27th (2 weeks before Tom Brady un-retired), as an "Open Letter to Tom & Gisele Brady” may likely have influenced the NFL star’s return to the game, according to the petition creator, Stephen Marks.

The petition had been sent to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers PR Department who were very excited about it and promised to pass it along to Brady.

The petition, expressing Marks’ and many other NFL fans opinions on the situation, first explained to Gisele that she was “100% correct that Tom had been unfair to her all these years as an absentee husband and father by keeping his football life so strongly separated from his family life.” The petition explained to Tom how he can now easily share his football life with his family life, giving him a closer and happier family while at the same time continuing to play football at its highest level.

The petition urged Brady to take Gisele with him on road games to finally share that special part of his football life that he had never before shared; the love and comradery with his teammates and coaches during practices as much as during games; while at the same time spending every single night with Gisele. To share that sheer joy of his football life will make Tom a better husband.

Same for his kids. who can easily fly to his road games on Friday after school and also share that same joy of Tom’s football life on the weekends. A joy that they too have never before experienced, making his family closer than they've ever been.

The petition also explained to Brady how by retiring, he would be “haunted every day for the rest of his life at how his last game against the Rams ended. How after performing his Brady magic once again, bringing his team from a 24 point deficit in the closing minutes of the 3rd quarter to tie the game with 40 seconds left in the game, he nonetheless never had the chance to touch the ball again, which was just plain wrong. His defensive teammates and coaches want so very badly to make it up to Tom for their horrible coverage of Cooper Kupp, and the horrible play-call blitz that left Kupp so wide open,” leading the Rams and not the Buccaneers to become Super Bowl champions.

The petition closed by telling Brady that “the pain he is still feeling over retiring is also being felt by all his teammates, coaches and fans.”

Since the reason Brady gave for his un-retiring mirrored what was written in the petition, either Brady was indeed influenced by the petition, or the petition’s writer, Stephen Marks of south Florida, knew after Brady’s retirement announcement exactly how to resolve the problems between Tom and Gisele before Tom & Gisele figured it out themselves.

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Petition creator Stephen Marks, is a nationally-known political consultant; authored the highly-acclaimed book “Confessions of a Political Hitman (Sourcebooks); has written about political corruption for Penthouse Magazine (yes, folks really read it for the articles); and has written and produced successful SuperPac ads for presidential elections. Marks has also written music for the nationally syndicated “Dr. Demento” program.

With extensive media experience appearing on over 100 TV and radio programs, including CNN, FOX News, and PBS, Marks is available for interviews and can be contacted at (305) 900-7747.

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