Petros Pharmaceuticals announces online distribution for lead ED product with Lemonaid Health | News Direct

Petros Pharmaceuticals announces online distribution for lead ED product with Lemonaid Health

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Petros Pharmaceuticals CEO Fady Boctor joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting developments with Proactive, highlighting a new collaboration with Lemonaid Health, a prominent telemedicine provider and subsidiary of 23andMe. Through this collaboration, Lemonaid Health's telehealth platform will offer prescription STENDRA® (avanafil) in all strengths, expanding distribution and enhancing access for patients. Lemonaid Health's extensive reach, having treated over 200,000 patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) to date, positions Petros to serve a broader patient base across the United States effectively.

In addition to the collaboration with Lemonaid Health, Boctor discussed the positive results of an initial cohort in Petros' self-selection study. This study compares the use of a Drug Facts Label (DFL) alone to a combination of DFL with a web app. The preliminary results suggest that while the DFL-alone approach may be insufficient for self-selection, the combination with the proposed technology significantly improves outcomes. This study serves as a precursor to Petros' pivotal Phase 2 study, initiated earlier this month, which aims to provide compelling evidence to the FDA. The pivotal study is designed to demonstrate that users can determine the appropriateness of STENDRA® (avanafil) without the need for a physician and prescription.

These developments underscore Petros Pharmaceuticals' commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to improve patient access to essential medications and streamline healthcare delivery processes.


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