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Phentermine Over-The-Counter | 3 ΤΟΡ Phentermine Alternatives for Secure Weight Loss Why are these 3 proposals the best recommendations on the world market for Phentermine Over The Counter? Find the most suitable alternative for you and your needs

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Surely, Phentermine is the most popular prescription drug for weight loss and obesity.

It is a medication for rapid and effective weight loss from fat stored in the body and a very powerful appetite suppressant helping you to put limits on your stomach.

However, Phentermine - as a very powerful pharmaceutical product with many side effects and risks - is only available with a doctor's prescription and regular medical monitoring.

The use of this drug is recommended in combination with a suitable diet (according to the needs of each patient) and regular physical exercise, for promoting a healthy but above all permanent weight loss.

This article assists in learning the real identity of Phentermine, looking in detail at the differences between pharmaceutical and legal/non-prescription Phentermine.

We examine thoroughly the three (3) most popular (according to consumer preferences) over the counter Phentermine products and we find ways to make the "weight loss" simpler, less stressful and more effective.

The Top 3 Legal Alternatives for Phentermine (Pills) Over The Counter

  •  PhenQ | Top choice for men and women (all body weights)

  •  PhenGold | Best choice for instant appetite suppression

  •  Phen24 | Best choice for night and day weight loss

Phentermine - What it is and what its role in weight loss

Phentermine – as already stated - is a very powerful drug (similar in action to the drug amphetamine), aimed at weight loss.

Nevertheless, the use of this chemical product is strictly prescribed by a doctor, due to its high risk of side effects.

It is only aimed at obese people, where health conditions require the immediate reduction of their body weight and the limitation of fat in their body.

The product under the trade name Phentermine was officially released in the late 50s and has since become synonymous with weight loss, providing immediate appetite suppression & body fat reduction results (even from the most difficult parts of the body).

The drug Phentermine is also known as Adipex-P, Lomaira, the action of which has many similarities with amphetamines.

It is a very powerful drug strictly prescribed only to obese people with serious health problems.

In any case, many people purchase Phentermine illegally (without a prescription) and put their health at great risk.

In fact, many of the Phentermine products circulating illegally on the black market are of questionable purity and quality, thus increasing the risk of serious side effects even more.

Is it really worth risking (even death) to lose a few kilos?

Phentermine – how it works

Phentermine - a drug prescribed to suppress appetite in obese people with serious health problems - has the unique ability to act directly on the satiety centre of the hypothalamus in the brain, achieving this through the catecholamine system.

Phentermine works primarily as a powerful appetite suppressant, and secondarily as a fat burner.

It belongs to a class of drugs called "sympathomimetic amines" acting directly on the brain (by boosting the release of specific neurotransmitters).

This is the main reason for its highly effective performance in appetite suppression (even in people with a big problem controlling their cravings).

As the levels of these chemicals increase in the brain with the use of Phentermine, a feeling of fullness/satiety/satisfaction is enhanced in the body.

The user feels full and calm.

Pharmaceutical Phentermine side effects, interactions and serious health risks

We repeat it many times, as this is a very serious issue.

The pharmaceutical Phentermine - in addition to its many beneficial effects - also hides many health risks.

It can cause many different side effects (depending on the user), with some of them milder and temporary, while some others are more serious and threatening to the life of the user.

Below we see the adverse and side effects reported with greater frequency and now been associated with the use of the pharmaceutical Phentermine:

● Dry mouth

● Sleep disorders

● Irritability

● Diarrhea

● Constipation

● Loss of sexual desire (libido)

There are also more serious side effects requiring immediate medical attention:

● Allergic reaction or Allergic shock

● Increase in blood pressure

● Gastrointestinal symptoms

● Chest pain

● Behavioral changes

The pharmaceutical Phentermine - as a dangerous chemical - requires special care when using it.

It must be used only on the recommendation of the specialist doctor, with a special prescription and regular re-checking of the treatment course by the doctor.

Its use is strictly contraindicated in the following medical conditions:

● Glaucoma

● High blood pressure

● Kidney disease

● Cardiovascular diseases

● Overactive thyroid gland

● Mental illnesses

● Epilepsy

● Stroke

In addition, the use of the pharmaceutical Phentermine without medical approval in combination with other drugs is strictly contraindicated.

Especially in the following cases of medication, great care is required as there is a high risk of serious side effects:

● Fluoxetine

● Insulin

● Fluvoxamine

● Sertraline

● Paroxetine

● Tranylcypromine

● Isocarboxazid

● Phenelzine

● Selegiline

● Rasagiline

Known drugs with which Phentermine can dangerously interact are the following:

Prozac (Fluoxetine) 

Zoloft (Sertraline) 

● Cymbalta (Duloxetine)

● Lexapro (Escitalopram)

● Wellbutrin XL (Bupropion)

Phentermine Over-The-Counter Alternatives | Are there any? - How do they work?

The use of the pharmaceutical Phentermine - illegally and without a medical prescription - quickly became a "trend" in weight loss.

Many rushed - ignoring and overlooking the many serious risks - to take advantage of the benefits of this medicinal substance to lose a few extra kilos.

Let's repeat it once more to make it clear.

Phentermine is a very powerful drug similar in logic and action to Amphetamine.

It acts directly on the brain, stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), increasing heart rate and blood pressure, enhancing metabolic rate and controlling appetite levels.

It is used to treat obesity, especially in cases with high-risk factors, such as for example, very high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

On the internet, you will often see references to "Phentermine Over-The-Counter".

Therefore, referring to legal/non-prescription Phentermine or otherwise “Over-The-Counter” Phentermine, we mean those nutritional supplements of natural composition imitating the action of the pharmaceutical Phentermine (and therefore also Amphetamine).

These legal and 100% natural supplements do not require a prescription and pose no health risks.

They are prepared from high-quality herbs, natural elements, vitamins and trace elements, offering in a completely natural way an action equivalent to the pharmaceutical Phentermine, that is, appetite suppression and enhanced fat burning.

These natural nutritional supplements (legal alternatives to the pharmaceutical Phentermine) offer a feasible and suitable for everyone proposal of immediate and effective weight loss.

Unlike other slimming preparations, legal offers of natural Phentermine (non-prescription), are completely safe for the body, do not cause side effects, are not toxic or carcinogenic and do not cause addiction.


While Phentermine may be the right solution (and even with a medical prompt) for some people to reduce their body weight, it does not work for everyone, nor is it safe to use for everyone.

As an alternative, we recommend the legal *Over-The-Counter) Phentermine.

Dietary supplements of natural composition (non-synthetic/non-pharmaceutical) imitate the action of the pharmaceutical Phentermine, however, with zero side effects and risks.

Are OTC Phentermine supplements legal?

Yes. They are legal and that is why they are now commonly referred to as "legal Phentermine".

Clearly, in the market - which is huge - you can also find illegal products, dangerous or completely ineffective.

Nevertheless, the 3 products shown below are:

- perfectly legal

- completely safe

- and completely effective

That's why you (the consumers) prefer them and this is the reason for selecting them and presenting them in today’s article.

Over The Counter Phentermine supplements are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and use only quality raw materials of natural origin.

The formula of their ingredients is based on scientific evidence and is proven effective (after clinical trials).

However, they are nutritional supplements and not drugs.

They cannot replace medication for the treatment of obesity.

For serious medical conditions, a medical examination and treatment approved by a doctor is recommended.

Legal Phentermine (Phentermine Over The Counter) – Key benefits

The alternatives offered to you in this article are tested and 100% effective.

They do not require a doctor's prescription, and - while producing similar or even better results than the pharmaceutical Phentermine - they do not cause any side effects or addiction.

In fact, legal Phentermine supplements ensure an even greater (and more extensive) effect than that of pharmaceutical Phentermine.

The reason is, they don't only act as appetite suppressants, but as powerful fat burners, energy chargers, enhancers of metabolic function and improvers of mood and psychology, as well.

Top legal Phentermine supplements are a premium weight loss option, yet very affordable for the average consumer, nutritional supplements / non-prescription, not causing any side effects in the organism.

The 3 legal non-prescription Phentermine alternatives selected and recommended to you are shown below and you will see why?

PhenQ | Top Phentermine Alternative Over the Counter

PhenGold | Best Phen Alternative for instant appetite suppression

Phen24 | Best choice for night and day weight loss

The TOP 3 Over The Counter Phentermine supplements | Reviews#1. PhenQ | Top choice for men and women (all body weights) - Best OTC Phentermine Alternative

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Powerful fat burner/appetite suppressant for men and women, the closest thing to the pharmaceutical Phentermine.

Company data – Communication

Registered office

Wolfson Brands (Europe) Limited

12 Payne Street


G4 0LF

United Kingdom

Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632



● Natural formula. It offers 5-in-1 action for absolutely effective weight loss.

● Small daily dose (2 pills).

● Highly bio-available active ingredient formula, scientifically supported.

● 60 day money-back guarantee.

● It has been voted by the prestigious men's magazine Men's Journal as the leading legal (OTC) fat burner (Number 1 worldwide).

● It is not a new product. It has a successful track record of more than 10 years in the market, receiving high reviews from consumers. It is a proven and extremely popular weight loss product over the years.


● Caffeine can cause nervousness and sleep disturbances in some people.


● Calcium Carbonate | 625 mg

● Caffeine Anhydrous | 150 mg

● L-Carnitine Furmarate | 142.5 mg

● α-Lacys Reset® | 25 mg

● Nopal | 20 mg

● Magnesium Stearate | 10 mg

● Capsicum Extract | 8 mg

● Sipernate 225 (silicon dioxide) | 5 mg

● Niacin Powder | 4.5 mg

● Piperine Extract | 3 mg

● Chromium Picolinate | 80 mcg


PhenQ is a natural weight loss product offering the benefits of the pharmaceutical Phentermine, without any of the side effects and risks coming with it.

Unlike pharmaceutical phentermine - simply working as an appetite suppressant - this legal phentermine (PhenQ) offers weight loss with 5 different approaches:

- appetite suppression

- fat burning boosting

-blocking the storage of new fat cells in the organism

- increase in energy and mood

-mood improvement

The PhenQ alternative to Phentermine has an updated new generation formula of natural ingredients.

It uses a patented compound of cysteine ​​and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), working in the organism as a natural antioxidant effectively stimulating the process of converting carbohydrates into useful energy.

The action of the pharmaceutical Phentermine (active appetite suppression) is achieved by using a natural ingredient with the unique property of causing immediate satiety and improved appetite control.

It's called Nopal and it's an amazing source of plant fiber uniquely contributing to weight loss and improving the digestive process in general.

However, PhenQ uniquely combines the appetite suppressant action with powerful (and scientifically proven) thermogenic ingredients such as Capsicum to offer enhanced fat burning and prevent the deposition of new fat cells in the body's fat stores.


PhenQ: 4.9/5


PhenQ: 5/5

PhenQ's patented ingredient formula with ALA and cysteine ​​is a unique "weapon" in weight and fat loss.


The PhenQ pill is the most popular, most recognized, most modern and most effective legal Phentermine proposal found in the global weight loss supplement market today.

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#2. PhenGold | Best choice for instant appetite suppression

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Multi-tasking weight loss product imitating the action of the pharmaceutical Phentermine and enhancing it with strong thermogenic ingredients.

Company data – Communication

+1 (844) 257-5353 (US)

+44 (0) 808 164 0304 (UK)


Foxhall Lodge

Foxhall Rd



United Kingdom


● New generation vegan weight loss product.

● Formula backed by clinical research.

● With not any soy, gluten and dairy products.

● Fortified formula with a blend of B vitamins.

● Does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

● It works for both weight loss and ideal weight maintenance


● Relatively high dose (3 capsules per day).

● With no sufficient scientific data on the action of DMAE.


● Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) | 500 mg

● L-Theanine | 250 mg

● L-Tyrosine | 300 mg

● Rhodiola Rosea | 250 mg

● Cayenne Pepper 10:1 | 200 mg

● Caffeine Anhydrous | 225 mg

● DMAE Bitartrate | 150 mg

● Green Coffee 4:1 | 150 mg

● Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) | 15mg (94% DV)

● Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) | 1.3mg (76% DV)

● Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) | 24 mcg (1,000% DV)

● BioPerine | 5 mg


The PhenGold weight loss dietary supplement is a multi-action product aimed at weight loss of a few or more kilos.

Its goal is healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Its composition contains a large number of catechins (flavonoids with powerful antioxidant activity), enhancing metabolic function and increasing fat burning.

PhenGold provides you with energy from morning until late at night, so you will never feel tired or without strength (physically or mentally), even if you follow a reduced-calorie nutrition/ diet.


PhenGold: 4.8/5


PhenGold: 4.8/5

It has been much loved (especially by women) because of its high ability to target stubborn localized fat.


PhenGold is an effective natural weight loss supplement quite powerfully imitates the action of the pharmaceutical prescription product Adipex-P, Lomaira (aka Phentermine).

Although generally the customer reviews of PhenGold are quite high and give it a very good rating, some people (relatively few) seem to be less than happy with its performance

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#3. Phen24 | Best choice for night and day weight loss

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Unique legal Phentermine product offering 2 separate active formulas:

● 1 day formula

● 1 night formula

Company data – Communication

Registered office

Wolfson Brands (Europe) Limited

12 Payne Street


G4 0LF

United Kingdom

Phone: +1 (207) 482 0715



● Double formula (day and night) to ensure different actions around the clock.

● Top quality vegan-friendly ingredient formula.

● Contains glucomannan, the most effective natural appetite suppressant.

● It comes from the company that has launched the iconic diet pill PhenQ.


● Needs (mandatory) reception morning and evening.


(Day Pill)

● Cayenne Pepper

● Iodine

● Caffeine

● Manganese

● Copper

● Guarana Extract

● L-Phenylalanine

(Night Pill)

● Vitamin B1

● D-Biotin

● Calcium D-Pantothenate

● Vitamin B6

● Hops Extract

● Green Tea Extract

● Glucomannan

● Ascorbic Acid

● Molybdenums


Phen24 supplement is not a weight loss supplement, it is 2 weight loss supplements in 1 single product.

You get 2 and pay only for 1.

It is the only weight loss pill offering you 2 different ingredient formulas.

The reason is the double action.

One action in the morning and another at night while you sleep.

Nevertheless, mainly liposuction (24 hours a day).

It contains some of the most powerful natural thermogenic ingredients, energy boosters, valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals promoting the process of losing weight quickly and most importantly healthy.


Phen24: 4.9/5


Phen24: 4.9/5

It seems to offer significant benefits in weight loss and in particular an effective appetite suppression and burning of excess body fat (in men and women).


Phen24 is a diet pill that works by stimulating the body's hormonal processes related to weight loss, appetite control, good mood and physical and mental wellness.

In this way, it manages to promote fat burning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you go to the gym or not.

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How did we select these top 3 legal (Over-The-Counter) Phentermine recommendations (proposals)? (criteria)

You must be wondering, »Why should I select a natural Phentermine alternative and not Adipex itself?".

Alternatively, even, "Which legal alternative to pharmaceutical Phentermine should I select and why”?

Among many nutritional supplements (actually dozens) we singled out 3 products we believe offer the most benefits and meet the most needs of the consumer.

Our team search was based on important criteria and ended up with the 3 supplements presented. The main criteria involved included:

● Composition

● Customer reviews

● Scientific background

● Company

● Price

● Money back guarantee

Reviews and testimonials for legal (OTC) Phentermine

Legal Phentermine - that is, natural dietary supplements imitating the potency of pharmaceutical Phentermine and Amphetamine - is undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough in recent years in the weight loss supplement industry.

This is confirmed by endless real reviews of users of such legal Phentermine supplements.

However, be careful. Not any legal Phentermine supplements.

Not everything is quality. Not everything is safe. Not all are effective.

Our team researched diligently to come up with the top three (3) supplements discussed above, the best legal Phentermine supplements currently available on the global legal market.

In the reviews above you can also see the rating given by the consumers (i.e. everyday people like you and me) for each of the legal Phentermine supplements selected.

Where can I find Legal (OTC) Phentermine?

Legal Phentermine supplements are 100% natural and sold legally online.

These supplements are not available in pharmacies or other natural stores.

How do I secure a "good purchase" of legal Phentermine alternative?

Above are our criteria for selecting a reliable and effective legal Phentermine supplement.

Even if you don't want to select one of the top 3 legal Phentermine products above [and you want to do your own market research], make sure to pay special attention to the selection criteria mentioned above.

Therefore, to be sure that you purchased a quality supplement of legal Phentermine (OTC Phentermine) buy a product from a well-known company and always from the official website (and not from third sellers).

Legal (OTC non prescription) VS Pharmaceutical Phentermine | Conclusion

To be completely honest, if we could all take the pharmaceutical Phentermine without putting our health at risk, I think we would select it without a second thought.

Certainly, the action of the drug is more immediate and more powerful than that of the non-medicinal products of natural composition.

Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical Phentermine is available only in very serious pathological conditions and only with a prescription.

The reason is the danger posed by this chemical substance to the organism.

On the other hand, OTC alternatives to Phentermine do not require a prescription, are sold online and are delivered quickly to your door. They do not cause side effects and they are suitable for either less or more kilos.

They are really worth it.

Ideally, we recommend using a legal OTC Phentermine supplement with a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise).


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