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Plant-Based Foods Are Shaping Up, Out, Flat and Curved By Leon Kaye

News release by Yum! Brands

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Image credit: Taco Bell
Image credit: Taco Bell

They’ve long had a vegetarian menu, have had on- and off- and then on-again flirtations with potatoes, and thereby considering the fast food industry’s overall reputation, Taco Bell locations have long been the plant-based go-to choice for many vegetarians and even vegans.

While other chains have hopped aboard the plant-based filling bandwagon, Taco Bell has been one notable holdout, though evidence suggests that is changing with some of the brand’s recent dalliances, such as a recent one with Beyond Meat.

Now Taco Bell has taken another step in its plant-based dance, this time with a pilot that just wrapped up, literally, in Orange County with its popular chalupa menu item.


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