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Polarean Imaging "very excited" to announce brand new customer for XENOVIEW polariser

Polarean Imaging PLC
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Polarean Imaging PLC (AIM:POLX, OTC:PLLWF) CEO Christopher von Jako speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the medical imaging technology company announced its first de novo order for its XENOVIEW polariser.

Von Jako explains that the latest order, from a renowned medical institution in the Northeast, represents a significant step as it is from a brand new customer. Von Jako, who took the helm in July, also highlights the company's work with Dutch multinational Philips, emphasising the seamless integration of their products, including FDA-approved MRI coils.

This collaboration extends to training Philips' commercial staff in the U.S., promising further growth in 2024. Additionally, Polarean is pursuing strategic growth initiatives, including increasing utilisation of their technology at sites like Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the University of Missouri.

The company is also focusing on expanding its footprint and establishing Medicare reimbursement, thus enhancing its financial viability. Another key initiative involves conducting a clinical trial for FDA approval to explore new lung functions, potentially revolutionising lung imaging technology.

In terms of financials, von Jako expressed confidence in closing the funding gap by the third quarter of the next year, supported by strategic investors.


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