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Poolbeg Pharma and Silk Road Therapeutics announce strategic collaboration on novel orphan drug

Poolbeg Pharma PLC
News release by Poolbeg Pharma PLC

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Poolbeg Pharma PLC CEO Jeremy Skillington and Tim Coté CEO of Silk Road Therapeutics join Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with details of an exclusive 12-month option agreement with Silk Road Therapeutics for Poolbeg to acquire a novel topical drug aimed at treating oral ulcers in patients with Behçet's disease, a rare and debilitating condition.

Skillington said the move is aligned with Poolbeg's strategic focus on rare and orphan diseases.

Coté, with an extensive background in orphan drug approvals from his time at the FDA, highlighted the potential of the drug given its unique formulation and unmet need in the market. He explained the severe impact of Behçet's disease, underscoring the innovative potential of their topical treatment in improving the quality of life for those affected.

Both CEO expressed optimism about their collaboration's potential to fast-track this novel treatment to market, leveraging Poolbeg’s and Silk Road's combined expertise.

Furthermore, Skillington provided insights into Poolbeg’s financial health and strategic developments over the past year, mentioning a robust cash position of £12.2 million at the end of 2023. He emphasised the company's disciplined capital allocation and the expansion of its intellectual property portfolio.

Looking ahead, Skillington outlined Poolbeg's focus on progressing its pipeline, particularly ongoing projects like POLB001 in the oncology sector, addressing cytokine release syndrome—a critical side effect in cancer immunotherapies.


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