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Poolbeg Pharma unveils new collaboration agreement

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News release by Poolbeg Pharma PLC

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Poolbeg Pharma PLC (AIM:POLB, OTCQB:POLBF) CEO Jeremy Skillington speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after announcing the pharma & biotech company has signed a new collaboration agreement with an unspecified NASDAQ-listed biopharma company.

He explains that the collaboration is aimed at developing an optimized oral drug for metabolic conditions, with Poolbeg receiving funding to produce a prototype drug encapsulating one of the partner's drugs for the same condition.

The focus is on improving drug delivery and achieving the ideal site of action, which could enhance efficacy and safety. Skillington expresses optimism about the collaboration potentially evolving into a full licensing agreement, highlighting the goal of generating early revenues for Poolbeg. The partnership's core attraction lies in Poolbeg's validated encapsulation technology, which is believed to enhance the partner's products' bioavailability and effectiveness.

The CEO emphasises the significance of delivering drugs to their ideal site of action, particularly for metabolic diseases. By targeting the drug orally to the precise location of action, it can lead to reduced dosage requirements and improved safety. He says that Poolbeg continues to work on various initiatives, including the orange GLP-1 program and an oral vaccine program funded by the Irish government. The move towards oral delivery aims to enhance convenience for patients and expand the company's reach beyond traditional injectable treatments.


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