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Power Nickel expands near surface copper, platinum, and palladium 5 km away from Main Nisk Deposit

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Power Nickel Inc CEO Terry Lynch joined Proactive to share the exciting news of the initial assay results for hole PN-24-044, a pivotal component of the company's ongoing drill program at the Lion Discovery site. The outcomes have been overwhelmingly positive, with 15 out of 16 holes yielding promising results.

Among the highlights, PN-24-044 revealed an impressive intersection, boasting 0.60 meters of 24.3 grams of gold, 5.7 grams of silver, 5.29% copper, 3.26 grams of palladium, 0.29 grams of platinum, and 3.31% nickel. These remarkable findings underscore the rich mineralization potential of the Lion Discovery area.

The ongoing drill program, characterized by a standard fan drilling design, has been instrumental in systematically probing the presence of the mineralized zone. Thus far, the results have been nothing short of exceptional, with the current mineralized envelope extending to a minimum depth of 300 meters below the surface and spanning a lateral distance of at least 225 meters. Importantly, the mineralization remains open in all directions, hinting at the possibility of further discoveries.

Based on the current interpretation, the mineralized zone is situated at the contact with the ultramafic rock, exhibiting a sigmoidal geometry. Notably, a high-grade shoot has been identified, steeply plunging to the north-northeast (NNE), adding another layer of complexity and excitement to the exploration efforts.

As Power Nickel continues to analyze and interpret the data from its ongoing drill program, anticipation mounts for the release of additional assay results. These forthcoming findings are expected to provide further insights into the extent and richness of the mineralization at the Lion Discovery site, bolstering the company's confidence in its exploration endeavors.

With each successful drill hole, Power Nickel edges closer to unlocking the full potential of the Lion Discovery area, reaffirming its commitment to value creation for its shareholders and stakeholders alike. Stay tuned for more updates as the company advances its exploration efforts and continues to unearth new opportunities in the dynamic world of mineral exploration.


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