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Price Analysis: What's Next For Polygon (MATIC), VeChain, And Tradecurve

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In this article, we analyze the potential future price movements of Polygon (MATIC), VeChain (VET), and Tradecurve (TCRV). Of these three cryptos, Tradecurve is leading the charge with a 150% gain during a presale phase of discounted tokens.

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Polygon (MATIC) Continues Bearish Performance

The recent decision by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to designate Polygon (MATIC) as a 'security' sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency space. The announcement triggered a sharp drop in Polygon's value, hitting a 2023 low of $0.58 on June 11th.

The Polygon team has disclosed their intentions to shift from the existing Polygon token to a newly proposed token. It was tentatively termed POL. This was in response to the regulatory scrutiny. The twofold rationale behind this move is to sidestep regulatory challenges from the SEC. The second rational was to enhance the token's utility within the Polygon ecosystem.

However, the crypto community can see this move for what it is. It is a desperate attempt to salvage the plummeting Polygon token. As such, the price of Polygon has continued to drop further. The current price is $0.71 and saw a 6% drop in the last week.

Technical analysis reveals the $0.60 threshold to be a major support zone for Polygon traders. However, if this level fails to hold, it could trigger a further drop towards $0.30 for Polygon.

VeChain (VET): Transforming Supply Chain Management

VeChain (VET) delivered impressive returns during the 2017 and 2020 bull markets, with early investors seeing 100x gains. Despite its strong start, VeChain's price has been on a downward trend, with the token now trading 93% below the 2021 peak of $0.2782.

VeChain's appeal largely stems from its partnerships with big-name corporations. However, the projected increase in transactions on the VeChain blockchain has not come to pass as initially expected. This has led some of the larger VeChain investors, commonly referred to as 'whales,' to look elsewhere for investment opportunities.

Analysts note that the price of VeChain tends to react slowly to bullish market news, which suggests a dropping interest in the token. The Vechain chart shows the current price of $0.018 sitting under strong resistance at $0.020. If the token can break past this threshold, it may continue to rise toward $0.033 where the final resistance sits.

Tradecurve Peaks Interest More Than Polygon and VeChain – 150% Gains Just the Start?

The new platform Tradecurve (TCRV) is a pioneering hybrid exchange that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized platforms. Tradecurve is set to revolutionize the trillion-dollar trading industry. This is with its ability to trade various asset classes from a single account and a host of advanced trading tools,

The best part is that there are no KYC requirements to open an account and start trading. This means that you can start trading in just a few minutes without having to worry about lengthy bureaucratic processes or personal data breaches.

With Tradecurve, users can leverage AI trading tools for precise market analysis. They can use copy trading to learn from experienced traders. Users can even earn passive income through staking mechanisms.

The core of the Tradecurve ecosystem is the TCRV token, an integral component of transactions and the key to unlocking exclusive perks, rewards, and bonuses. As the heart of the platform, the TCRV token's value is closely linked to the growth and success of Tradecurve.

TCRV now be bought for $0.025 during phase 5 of the ongoing presale. Some speculate that Tradecurve is building a product that could potentially disrupt the trillion-dollar trading industry and predict that TCRV could reach $1 in the near future. If this prediction comes true, it would represent gains of 3,900% for phase 5 participants.

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