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Proactive Group Holdings Launches NewsifAI™ to Revolutionize Digital News Production AI integration marks a significant leap in content production, quality and efficiency – putting the company at the forefront of digital innovation

News release by Proactive Group Holdings

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Proactive Group Holdings Inc. (“Proactive”), the AI-powered digital stakeholder engagement company, is pleased to announce the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations, significantly enhancing content production for its financial news site, Proactive Investors.

This innovative approach includes the development of bespoke GPTs (generative pre-trained transformers) as part of its NewsifAI™ editorial platform.

Key Highlights

Proactive has developed a unique 'robot-assisted newsroom', powered by a series of bespoke GPTs, including:

- Emelio: A news writer GPT trained on over 1,000 Proactive stories.

- Yellow Marine: An automated sub-editor.

- Pugsley: A Q&A bot transforming audio into content.

- BreakingBadBot: Specialized in breaking news.

Time-Efficiency Gains: Proactive's AI tools are delivering impressive time savings, achieving 60% to 80% for various content types.

Enhanced Content Creation: AI leveraged for generating video, blogs, Q&A and highly-SEO-optimized and targeted content beyond news.

Quality Assurance: Operations overseen by Proactive’s editorial team, ensuring journalistic integrity and accuracy in content generation.

Training and Rollout: Comprehensive AI training and certification for the editorial team, with advanced qualifications for select members.

Enhanced Service

This integration of AI into Proactive's operations marks a significant leap in content production quality and efficiency, positioning the company at the forefront of digital innovation in financial journalism.

Specifically, it marks a significant step in enhancing our service efficiency and content quality.

This move will not only expedite our content creation process but also ensure the production of in-depth, SEO-optimized material for our 600 media clients worldwide.

Importantly, this technological advancement complements our established distribution network and leverages the expertise of our seasoned editorial and broadcast team.

Innovation & Excellence

The integration of AI into our operations underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, aiming to deliver superior content that meets the evolving needs of our clients and audience.

Chief executive Ian Mclelland said: “Proactive joins an elite group of media companies that are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver news with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

"Coupled with our best-in-class distribution network, we are consistently first in breaking news, keeping our audience informed and engaged. We anticipate further advances in our NewsifAI™ platform as the abilities of AI continues to evolve.”

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At Proactive, our mission is to provide best-in-class AI-powered digital solutions to companies across the globe seeking to improve engagement with their stakeholders. Our products deliver media support, corporate websites, engagement analytics, and shareholder tools for publicly listed issuers. Our purpose is to help companies improve their communication and engagement with their shareholders, stakeholders, and the broader investment community. Proactive provides solutions to almost 2,000 companies in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA. For more information, click here. 


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