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Procure Holdings CEO discusses space technology's role in modern warfare and beyond

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Procure Holdings CEO Andrew Chanin, who works with HANetf on the Procure Space UCITS ETF (LON:YODA), delves into the rising significance of space technology in military operations in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

Amid the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, Chanin emphasized the pivotal role of satellite companies in monitoring border activities and military movements. Satellite imagery not only serves warfare and defense strategies but extends its importance to humanitarian efforts and climate change monitoring.

Chanin highlighted the transformation of warfare due to advancements like GPS, with techniques such as GPS spoofing now emerging. As cyber threats loom large, the security of satellite technologies becomes imperative. Companies like SpaceX are making strides in launching capabilities, with countries like Israel striving for space independence. However, the space domain isn't devoid of challenges.

The UK government recently faced a standoff with Russia over satellite control during the Ukrainian conflict, underlining space's evolving importance as the "new high ground for Modern Warfare." As the future unfolds, Chanin predicted enhanced security measures, increased satellite redundancy, and potentially even space-to-space or space-to-Earth combat. On a positive note, he envisioned space technology harnessing solar energy for Earth, signifying potential sustainable solutions benefiting global society.


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