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Proteus Ocean Group Ltd. Engages DRASS Group To Build PROTEUS™, the International Space Station of the Ocean As the social enterprise’s Engineering Procurement Construction contractor, the firm will manage the design and delivery of the underwater research station

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, NY | May 24, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 Proteus Ocean Group Ltd., the social enterprise building and operating PROTEUS™, the world's most advanced underwater research station, has selected Italy-based engineering firm DRASS Group as its Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) partner. DRASS Group is a world leader in subsea and hyperbaric technologies and will partner and consult on the design, construction, and onsite installation of PROTEUS™.

"From Fabien Cousteau’s lifelong commitment to the understanding, appreciation, and protection of our oceans and Drass Group’s rich history of reliable subsea technology, this partnership brings over 200 years of legacy and experience to create what will be the future of ocean conservation and exploration," said Lisa Marrocchino, CEO at Proteus Ocean Group Ltd. "We look forward to seeing how DRASS Group blends its expertise with our vision to deliver a global collaborative platform capable of aiding in the advancement of research, development, and solutions addressing some of the world’s largest challenges."

The partnership marks the first time in its history that DRASS Group has partnered with and invested in a project, signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Proteus Ocean Group Ltd., providing the company with equity compensation in place of the standard profit margin. As part of its agreement, DRASS Group will be committing their top engineers to design, develop, and construct PROTEUS™.

“This partnership is a historic milestone in over a century of business for DRASS Group. We've been captivated by the PROTEUS™ team's vision for subsea research and the use of technology as a tool to safeguard our oceans and unlock its immense potential," said Sergio Cappelletti, Managing Director of DRASS Group. "We're confident in this mission and have chosen to invest directly in PROTEUS™ as we progress toward a sustainable interaction between mankind and the ocean."

PROTEUS™ will feature state-of-the-art research labs for onsite experimentation, full-scale video production facility for media and continuous live stream educational programming, and a moon pool to provide researchers with seamless access to the ocean. It will also include the first underwater greenhouse and social areas, workspaces, and sleeping quarters for up to 20+ occupants.

“Inspired by the work of the explorers and builders before us, PROTEUS™ will play a vital role in the conservation and understanding of our oceans, furthering ocean science, enabling exploration and establishing the human ocean connection needed to inspire future generations to protect humanity’s source of life,” commented Fabien Cousteau, Founder, Executive and Board Member at Proteus Ocean Group Ltd. “We are thrilled to partner with the DRASS Group team, who are equally invested in the future of the ocean and move another step closer to seeing our vision for PROTEUS™ come to life.”

Located in richly biodiverse marine-protected water off the coast of Curaçao, PROTEUS™ aims to enable researchers, academics, government and private industries, media, and private aquanauts to spend more time at-depth, and leverage storytelling, immersive experiences, adventure, and education to bring ocean science to life for global audiences.

Proteus Ocean Group is currently working alongside DRASS Group to outline the project's scope, deliverables, and schedule, to align on Founder, Board Member and aquanaut, Fabien Cousteau's final vision for the final design slated to be unveiled later this year. The installation of PROTEUS™ is anticipated to begin in 2025.  



Proteus Ocean Group Ltd. is developing PROTEUS™, the world's most advanced underwater station, built to enable research seeking to address the most pressing issues the Earth faces. The multi-purpose marine platform will feature an onsite observatory, state-of-the-art research lab and habitat to facilitate life and work at depth. Accessible to academia, government, private industry, media and visitors, PROTEUS™ will also be essential to education and the advancement of marine research and development to drive disruptive scientific breakthroughs across areas including medicine, genetics, sustainable energy and food cultivation. For additional information visit:


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