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Puerto Rico’s Centennial Celebration of Tito Puente Recap — A spectacular tribute to a latin music icon —

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Puerto Rico’s vibrant culture and rich musical heritage came alive during the “Puerto Rico’s Centennial Celebration of Tito Puente,” a series of events that captivated audiences throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. From September 25 to October 8, 2023, the island was immersed in the infectious rhythms and enduring legacy of the legendary Tito Puente, affectionately known as “El Rey.”

The celebration kicked off with a press conference on September 25th, where the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority (PRCDA) Executive Director, Mariela Vallines, unveiled the exciting lineup of events. Among the highlights was the reveal of the new Tito Puente Suite at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum (“El Coliseo de Puerto Rico”), a tribute featuring an artistic mural titled “El Rey del Timbal” by renowned artist Celso González, showcasing the musician’s enduring influence.

The Tito Puente Photo Exhibit, held in El Coliseo for two weeks, allowed visitors to delve into the personal album of the Puente family through a curated collection of 12 photographs, providing an intimate glimpse into the life of the music icon.

As part of the celebration, Puerto Rico’s talented dancers took center stage at the Tito Puente Ran Kan Kan Dance Competition, held at Distrito T-Mobile on September 28th. This thrilling event brought together couples from near and far, embracing the spirit of salsa and the lively energy of Tito Puente’s music. Tito Puente Jr. awarded the winning couple, Hashlye S. Pérez Vega and Gabriela Rodríguez Estremera, with a $1000 prize.

The grand finale, the “Puerto Rico Philharmonic Tito Puente Special Performance” on October 8th at the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, showcased the fusion of classical and Latin music, featuring the remarkable Tito Puente Jr. on timbales. The symphonic celebration left the audience in awe, paying homage to the “Mambo King.”

Throughout this remarkable journey, “Celebrate Tito Puente” marked the 100th anniversary of Tito Puente’s birth and his enduring legacy, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the PRCDA and 21 Events Inc.

Tito Puente Jr. enthusiastically stated, “It’s been an incredible journey celebrating my father’s centennial in Puerto Rico. We’ve had an unforgettable week filled with music, dance, and the heartwarming embrace of Puerto Rico’s vibrant culture. This celebration not only paid tribute to my father’s remarkable legacy but also showcased the profound impact of his music on generations of fans. I’m deeply grateful to PRCDA, 21 Events, and all who joined us for these unforgettable moments. ¡Hasta siempre, Puerto Rico!”

PRCDA Executive Director Mariela Vallines reflected, “We are delighted to have witnessed the vibrant celebration of Tito Puente’s centennial in Puerto Rico. Through a week filled with music, art, and dance, we paid homage to a musical legend whose influence extends far beyond the shores of our beautiful island. Tito Puente’s legacy is a testament to Puerto Rico’s rich cultural heritage, and this commemoration allowed us to share that heritage with the world. It’s been an honor to collaborate with 21 Events and the community to make this celebration a resounding success, and we look forward to continuing our mission of promoting Puerto Rico’s culture and artistry.”

Ralph Paniagua, Managing Director of 21 Events, remarked, “The “Celebrate Tito Puente” series of events has been a labor of love for us, and it’s been truly heartwarming to witness the overwhelming response from the people of Puerto Rico and beyond. Tito Puente’s music transcends generations, and this celebration was a testament to the enduring power of his artistry. We are grateful to everyone who joined us on this remarkable journey, and we look forward to continuing to bring vibrant cultural events to Puerto Rico.”

Sponsors for the various activities include the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Strategic partners, producers, and media allies for these events include Richy Miranda-Cortese of Miranda-Cortese-Sphere, HypeSmack, Talented Art Pro, Zaida Colón Media Planner, Juliana Ortiz, Celso Gonzalez, and Isidro Infante.


Puerto Rico Convention District Authority (PRCDA) is a public corporation created under Law Number 351 of September 2nd of 2000, as amended. Its mission is to develop and operate the Convention District, positioning Puerto Rico as a world-class business, tourism, and entertainment destination. PRCDA’s objectives include efficiently managing prominent venues, revitalizing urban areas, promoting job creation and business opportunities, and acting as a facilitator in partnership with the private sector.

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