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Raboo (RABT) Predicted to Skyrocket 100x as Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Whales Flock to Buy

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The crypto market is finally heating up again after Bitcoin stumbled out of the gates in May, taking the rest of the market—including BNB and Ethereum price—down with it. Ethereum and BNB appear to have turned the corner, hinting at a recovery around the bend.

However, investors looking for the next 100x gains are investing in low-cap gems and presale opportunities like Raboo with MAJOR legroom to run in this crypto market cycle. With its presale token price of just $0.0042 and prospects of a legitimate shot at a 100x surge, Raboo is one of the top investment opportunities of the year.

BNB continues to have a strong performance

BNB has been one of the best performers so far in 2024, with the native token of the Binance Chain ecosystem coming within earshot of retesting its 2021 all-time highs of $686 earlier in Q1 2024.

BNB’s current run is nothing short of spectacular after hitting its nadir in late 2023 when a series of setbacks and intensified regulatory pressure saw its prices plummet all the way to $205. Crypto market analysts believe BNB could be in line to once again retest its previous ATH this year—but investors looking for larger gains are looking elsewhere given BNB’s staggering $86.9 billion market cap.

Ethereum price back to $3,000 after stumbling out of the blocks in May

Ethereum plummeted to $2,800 to start off the month, no doubt bringing ETH holders who bought at higher levels in March and April to a state of apoplexy. That’s not to mention the fact that Ethereum has largely underwhelmed compared to Bitcoin, which has already minted a new all-time high.

The Ethereum price action hasn’t come close to retesting its ATH of $4,878 set in 2021, indicating that the Layer-1 blockchain platform is losing serious market share to newer and better contenders. ETH bulls have their work cut out for them if Ethereum has any hope of minting a new ATH in the next crypto market bull cycle.

Raboo: AI and SociaFi meme coin thrills presale participants

 Raboo is fast becoming one of the biggest presale investment opportunities of the crypto market in 2024, raising over $1 million and currently in stage 3 of its presale. Thus far, Raboo has already drawn over 5,200 presale registrants, indicating the massive traction that the AI SocialFi meme coin has generated.

Raboo introduces a level of SocialFi utility and AI sophistication never before seen in meme coins by rewarding holders that leverage its meme generation platform to create and distribute memes across internet verticals. In doing so, the Raboo community grows its user base and pumps up demand and prices for its native RABT token.


Crypto market observers are forecasting anywhere between a 50x to a 100x gain for RABT in 2024 once it launches and lists on major exchanges, making Raboo’s current price of $0.0042 a steal. With its value proposition and low market cap, analysts predict Raboo will easily outperform BNB and Ethereum price actions within the next 12 months.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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