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Race Oncology's breakthrough in cancer cell treatment

News release by RACE ONCOLOGY LTD

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Race Oncology Ltd (ASX:RAC, OTC:RAONF) CEO Dr Daniel Tillett joins Proactive’s Jonathan Jackson to discuss promising preclinical findings. Research indicated that combining bisantrene with decitabine greatly enhances the destruction of cancer cells across a wide variety of types, potentially expanding decitabine's use beyond blood cancers to solid tumours. This combination could address cancers including those of the lung, prostate, pancreas, breast and head and neck. Decitabine, traditionally used for blood cancers like myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), had not been effective in treating solid tumours prior to these findings. The study, conducted at Oncolines B.V. in the Netherlands, involved screening the combination across 143 cancer cell lines from over 20 human tissues, encompassing both solid and blood cancers. Results showed a significant increase in cancer cell death, with 92% of the cell lines exhibiting improved outcomes. Tillett expressed optimism about these findings, highlighting the potential for new treatment avenues and the plan to initiate a clinical trial soon. This development suggests substantial interest for owners of marketed formulations of decitabine, including oral variants.



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