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Ramp Metals Launches Drilling Program in Pursuit of High-Grade Nickel in Saskatchewan

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Ramp Metals CEO Jordan Black joined Steve Darling from Proactive to introduce the company to the public domain and share exciting developments in the mining industry. With a background as a geotechnical engineer and experience in venture capital, including a notable role in taking GoldSpot public, Black has positioned Ramp Metals as a significant player in exploration, particularly focusing on nickel.

In the interview with Proactive, Black highlighted the company's primary project, the Rottenstone Southwest property, located approximately 30 kilometers from the historical high-yield Rottenstone mine in Saskatchewan, renowned for its nickel production. Inspired by the success of the historical mine, Ramp Metals is committed to further exploration in this area, aiming to uncover additional high-grade nickel deposits.

Preliminary geophysical surveys, notably a Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) survey, have revealed promising conductors and a magnetic structure reminiscent of significant discoveries in Australia. This discovery has garnered the attention of advisor Mark Bennett. Building on these promising findings, the company has initiated a 2000-meter drilling program, with over half already completed, targeting a principal conductor within the identified structure.

This exploration effort comes at a pivotal time when high-grade nickel is in increasing demand, particularly for use in batteries, amidst dwindling supplies in North America. Ramp Metals is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing demand and aims to contribute to the exploration and development of critical nickel resources.

In summary, Ramp Metals' transition into the public domain marks an exciting chapter in its journey within the mining industry. With a focused exploration strategy, promising geophysical findings, and a dedicated team led by CEO Jordan Black, the company is poised to make significant strides in unlocking the potential of nickel resources, contributing to the growing demand for this essential commodity.



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