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RC365 Holding CEO Michael Law discusses rapid growth and future plans

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RC365 Holding PLC (LSE:RCGH) has made significant progress in 2024, according to CEO Michael Law, in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

The company has transitioned 100% of its office operations, including finance, IT, and customer service, to Malaysia and Indonesia, hiring over ten new staff members in the region. RC365 has also won substantial contracts in Japan and secured a £100,000 grant from the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department to further expand operations in Malaysia.

Furthermore, RC365 agreed to £4 million in loan notes to fund upgrades and enhance its platform, focusing on services like virtual banking. The company's presence in Japan has particularly grown with a contract worth £600,000 aimed at integrating their services into local societal structures.

Law highlighted the company’s strong financial position and pipeline, which includes government grants and significant contracts, enabling sustained development and low-cost operations.

As 2024 progresses, RC365's focus will be on upgrading its platform to support new functionalities such as virtual banking and enhanced payment options. The company also plans to leverage AI for marketing strategies, specifically for online shopping promotions.


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