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ReadyWise Celebrates Summer with Fox & Friends Feature and Exclusive Deals

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Get ready for the ultimate summer adventure with ReadyWise! As the top manufacturer of freeze-dried meals for emergency preparedness and outdoor enthusiasts, ReadyWise is rolling out amazing deals on all their summer essentials. Recently showcased on Fox & Friends during Skip Bedel's special segment on great gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts, ReadyWise meals are a must-have for every summer occasion. Don’t miss out on these incredible offers that promise to elevate your outdoor experiences and ensure you're always prepared, no matter what.

Summer Adventure Must-Haves

The ReadyWise Outdoor Pro Meal Collection, featured as one of Skip Bedel's favorites, includes eight gourmet meal options perfect for camping, hiking, or any summer adventure. Designed to be lightweight and easy to prepare, these meals only require hot water and are ready in minutes, making them ideal for on-the-go adventurers. With flavors crafted by gourmet chefs, you'll savor dishes like Beef Bulgogi & Kimchi Fried Rice, Chicken Pot Pie, and Pasta Alla Vodka with Chicken, all designed to provide delicious, nutritious meals.

These meals are not just for casual hikers; they're engineered to support rigorous activities on the famous trails they support like the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Appalachian Trail. Select meals were developed with professional athletes to provide the best protein and calorie content for outdoor activities. Whether planning a weekend camping trip or a multi-day trek, ReadyWise’s Outdoor Pro Meal Collection ensures you are fueled and ready for any challenge.

Preparedness for Uncertain Times

In addition to summer adventure meals, ReadyWise emphasizes the importance of being prepared for crucial situations. With increasing international tensions and the rise in extreme weather, including the first named storm, Alberto, in the 2024 Hurricane Season, preparedness is more important than ever. Fox & Friends recommends ReadyWise's 1 Month Food Supply, which offers convenient and comprehensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

This food supply is designed for a long shelf life, ensuring you have reliable nutrition when you need it most. The 1 Month Food Supply is a great starting point for those looking to ensure their readiness for any emergency, from natural disasters to unexpected crises.

Beyond the basics, ReadyWise offers an extensive range of additional products to enhance your emergency kit. Choose from proteins, fruits, vegetables, and single-ingredient options to customize your preparedness plan. ReadyWise provides more than just food; it offers peace of mind by ensuring preparedness for any situation.

Catch Our Feature

Be sure to catch ReadyWise's feature on Fox & Friends and start your summer right with ReadyWise's top-notch products. For more information, visit



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