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ReadyWise Sponsored Race Car Driver, Gray Leadbetter, Makes Historic Win for Women in Racing

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17-year-old Gray Leadbetter continues her path to victory. Her most recent accomplishment is putting her name in the history books as the first woman to win a Champion Off-Road Pro race! Leadbetter is committed to an entire season in her ReadyWise-sponsored sprint car with Marc Dailey Racing to compete in over 20 sprint car races this year. ReadyWise is a rapidly growing food brand offering ready-to-eat meals and snacking solutions that serve the preparedness, outdoors, and everyday end markets.


"Finding good, nutritious food at a racetrack used to be a big problem. ReadyWise has changed all that," says Leadbetter. "Now, we have to boil water, and we've got great hot meals – anytime we need them. Racing fans tend to be big outdoor enthusiasts: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, all kinds of activities that are a perfect fit for ReadyWise and Simple Kitchen."


Watch out for Leadbetter as she takes over the racing world, showcasing the ReadyWise Emergency and Simple Kitchen Everyday Snacks line. ReadyWise's Emergency category offers freeze-dried and dehydrated meals with up to 25-year shelf life. Emergency preparedness is more important than ever as we face more extreme weather events, global conflicts, food shortages, and rising inflation. If you have been thinking about preparing for peace of mind, but haven't started your preparedness journey yet, then now is the time. ReadyWise is helping people get stocked up this 4th of July weekend.


If you are looking for simple solutions for meals and snacks, look no further. ReadyWise's Simple Kitchen brand is all the rage. Leadbetter shares these delicious and healthy snacks with her friends on the track during those long training and competition days. Their line of freeze-dried and dehydrated snacks and everyday meals features organic and conventional freeze-dried fruit, seasoned veggies, guilt-free sweet treats, and yummy soups. Leadbetter's favorite Simple Kitchen snack is our freeze-dried strawberry and bananas. The Simple Kitchen category is excellent for everyday healthy snacking, and there's no need to worry about expiration dates with up to 3-year shelf life.


Make sure to follow ReadyWise and Leadbetter on the socials below to follow her journey and look out for special discount code promotions for her followers and fans! Leadbetter also works with the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation to help end childhood cancer. You can join her in supporting them by donating at the website below. If you are interested in learning more about ReadyWise products or have any questions, call their friendly product specialists at 800-820-1329 or visit their website at


Gray Leadbetter in her ReadyWise sponsored Sprint Car
Gray Leadbetter in her ReadyWise sponsored Sprint Car


ReadyWise Sampler Bundle (
ReadyWise Sampler Bundle (


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