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Republic Set to List First-of-its-Kind Profit-Sharing Digital Security, the Republic Note Backed by a growing portfolio of hundreds of private companies and assets like SpaceX and Dapper Labs, Republic announces its digital security will be listed publicly on INX.One on December 6, 2023.

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Republic has announced it is set to list its profit-sharing digital asset, the Republic Note, on INX’s US-regulated trading platform via the Avalanche blockchain. The listing, which marks a transformative step toward making private market investments more accessible to and tradable among investors around the world, is scheduled to occur on December 6, 2023.

While investing in most private companies is inaccessible to the general public and requires accreditation and large check sizes, the Republic Note is available to non-accredited investors globally at low minimums. The Note distributes dividends to holders’ digital wallets as new liquidity events occur in the Republic portfolio. In a digital asset market overflowing with tokens, the Republic Note offers diversification into a high-growth, highly vetted venture-quality portfolio.

Since Republic’s 2016 inception, its community of 3+ million members across 150+ countries have deployed $2.6+ billion into privately held ventures. The Republic Note is a real-world asset-backed digital security that unlocks access to the financial upside of Republic’s expansive venture portfolio of 750+ private companies and assets, including SpaceX, Dapper Labs, Carta, and more.

*These deals are hosted by Republic Capital, an SEC registered investment adviser. View its full portfolio here.


Kendrick Nguyen, Republic’s Co-founder and CEO, emphasized the importance of the event: “The Republic Note’s listing is not just a milestone for Republic—it represents a shift in the landscape of private equity. We believe this is the first time a digital asset backed by such a diverse portfolio of private ventures has been made available to retail investors. Owning even one Republic Note can unlock an important new level of accessibility, transparency, and liquidity to private equity.”

The path to the Republic Note’s public listing has been characterized by overwhelming interest, with over $30 million in pre-sale participation from organizations like Naspers, Binance, and the Avalanche Foundation's Vista program, as well as thousands of individual investors. On Republic’s journey to list its digital security, it too has garnered support from strong institutional backers, raising over $200 million from global firms like Valor Equity Partners, Galaxy Interactive, Morgan Stanley, and AngelList.

Recently, the firm announced that the Republic Note would launch on Avalanche to leverage the blockchain’s scale, speed, and customizability. Republic, INX, and Ava Labs (a software provider for the Avalanche network) are leading pioneers in tokenization, a market on a trajectory to grow into the tens of trillions of dollars this decade. In addition to expanding access, tokenization can create greater efficiencies that improve both the asset issuer and investor experience.

Republic is leveraging a long track record navigating a dynamic regulatory environment, especially for digital assets. Founded in the wake of the JOBS Act by Nguyen, then AngelList’s General Counsel, Republic became one of the first platforms to enable private companies to raise capital from nonaccredited investors through Regulation CF. Now, combining nearly a decade of financial engineering, blockchain-based asset management strategy, investment infrastructure, and securities licenses, the Republic Note is poised to deliver on Republic’s mission to democratize private markets globally.

Republic has chosen INX.One, INX’s global trading platform, as the hub for the Republic Note listing. INX’s CEO Shy Datika shared: “We are proud to list the Republic Note on INX.One, the first and only fully regulated trading platform for both security tokens and cryptocurrencies. Listing the Republic Note helps our vision to democratize finance come full circle—providing investors with the only secure way to trade and invest under the US regulatory umbrella.”

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 Republic is a global technology firm pioneering the digital transformation of finance. The Republic ecosystem is composed of an enterprise-focused Digital Merchant Bank and a retail-focused Global Marketplace. Republic has made it possible for 3+ million community members across 150+ countries to deploy $2.6+ billion into thousands of private ventures. Backed by Valor Equity Partners, Galaxy Interactive, Morgan Stanley, Hashed, AngelList, and other leading institutions, Republic is headquartered in New York City and has established operations in the US, UK, EU, UAE, and South Korea.

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